Friday, November 4, 2011

30 Days of Grateful... Day 3 (A day late)

(Andrew & Brittany - August 2011)

(Tom, Julie & Brittany - 1984)

I apologize, I am running a day late. Yesterday we spent our day getting up at 4 am, getting to the airport at 5 am, flying to Salt Lake and then on to Dallas, jumping in a car and playing and relaxing around my sister's house. This house is crazy and by crazy I mean lot's o' people! My sister, her husband, and their two daughters; my Sister's mom, my mom and dad, Mark, Hatley and I, and then late last night my older brother and his son showed up from California! It is going to be a fun and crazy week here in Texas!

So what am I grateful for day 3? I am thankful for my sibilings. And even though we weren't all in a house at the same time, but we are still close and are able to share our families! Hatley sure loves her cousins, aunties and uncles! So thankful we are able to be here and spend a week with them! Thanks God for amazing family!

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