Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Little Bit of Love and Some Inspiration...

So this last week I came to a realization that our little girl is going to be here in roughly 11 weeks... and it kind of freaked me out to be honest. I feel completely unprepared. I looked through her closet, and there is only a few items... I looked at what we had if she were to come now, and it was really only a few items. As I started to freak out, Mark reassured me that in the next month or so we are going to accumulate quite a bit for our little girl, wether if it were through gifts, or simply mommy and daddy giving in and buying her everything we see =). So after talking with Mark and making a list of what I feel we need for a new born, I went on to the other exciting side of getting her things... home-made things... I have come up with 2 things for sure, that I want her to have when she arrives into this beautiful world.
1. A quilt made by her mommy for her to cuddle with and be wrapped in, in the hospital.


2. A scrapbook that is somewhat started where we can keep all the precious memories for her, and when she is older, can look back on and enjoy...

Have I started either of these?
Yes, I am pleased to say that I have.

I went around the island looking for the perfect fabric, and found most all of it. I still needed to more fabric designs and was able to find them online... soon they will show up and I can begin the quilting process and enjoy the downtime of making something for our little girl. Here are the fabrics I have so far..... I love the vintage look.

As far as the scrapbook, I also have begun that! I went to Expressions, the one and only scrapbook supply store on island, and spent well over an hour there. Again I am into the vintage look so I picked out quite a few different types of paper, along with embellishments and an album.... This is what I left the store with...

After thinking about what I wanted to album to be like I decided I wanted it to different on all pages, from simple to elegant, to busy... whatever fit the situation of the photo's on the page... So in all, that left me just to play! BUT, the first page I wanted to accomplish was inspired by my sister in law Angela, who was inspired by a scrapbooker named Elizabeth Kartchner. I loved how they both included a children's story, and it was so simple but sweet... Angela's layout was actually featured in the Feb. 2010 issue in Creating Keepsakes.... with Elizabeth's layed next to it, just to show what inspiration can do =).
After playing around, this is what I came up with...

Angela's Layout featuring herself and our sweet neice Mya... with a small view of Elizabeth's....
My in-the-process layout:

The WHOLE page yet to be revealed... due to her name written on it.... You will just have to wait until May to see the final product... plus, when she arrives, some pictures of our little girl will of course be added....

Well, that is where my creativity led me today and this last week.... wonder where it will go in the next 2 months before her arrival.... guess we will all just have to wait and see....

Sunday, February 21, 2010

28 Weeks = Third Trimester = Home Stretch = 12 weeks to go!

Well on Friday, Feb. 19th we hit the 28 week mark or the beginning of the third trimester! So far I am still feeling good and able to do most everything... bending over is becoming a little more challenging, but for the most part, I am still doing really well. I am crossing my fingers, this has been a great pregnancy, and am hoping it continues!

Little girl is growing right on time... she is now about 2.5 lbs. and about 16 inches long! She definietly is running out of room in there, hoping not just yet though. She has been much more active lately, is responding to her name, and is doing just fine =) We can't wait to meet her.... roughly just 12 more weeks and we will meet her!

28 weeks! Thanks Crystal for the comfy/cute shorts! And Momma, this is one of the shirts you shipped to me! Thanks!
Today Mark and I went to the Palms resort and spent an afternoon lounging next to the pool... we are trying to take advantage of our weekends left just the two of us, and being on this beautiful island... it was definitley a beautiful Sunday! And I certainly had some handsome company!

Monday, February 15, 2010

You know your a Haole who has lived in Saipan IF...

(Mark and I recieved this from a friend and found it completely hilarious! These are all so true! Saipan is like no place you will ever live! We have gone through the list and checked off the ones that we have experienced...***)

***1. You know the meaning of the word Haole.
***2..You have a cockroach story.
***3. You know what CUC, DPS, NMA, MCC, SIS, MHS, and various other 3 letter acronyms mean.
***4. You have grown to love the sound of geckos "barking".
***5. You have made the aircon cold enough to make you wear sweats and make hot chocolate or chili because you are missing winter.
***6. You give or receive directions in relation to the nearest school bus stop.
***7. You have had to draw a map to your house so that you can get utilities turned on.
***8. You've waited for more than 2 months for a box to arrive from the States.
***9. You've had to explain that Saipan uses US postage at least a thousand times.
***10. You've laughed at the Stateside postal worker who says a priority mail package will get to Saipan in 2-3 days.
***11. You've had to explain where on Earth Saipan is more times than you can count.
***12. You've had an argument with a mail order company, trying to convince them that you don't have to pay international shipping.
***13. Geckos or ants on your table at a restaurant doesn't phase you any longer.
***14. You arrive to an event 15 minutes late and find that you are early.
15. You've watched the Tourist Channel and wondered why they don't put English subtitles on it. 16. You've heard the story about how the Tourist Channel guy lost his leg.
17. You were surpised to see the Tourist Channel guy on Guam's Tourist Channel, too.
18. You've had to shower with the hose outside because the water is off for some unknown reason in your house.
***19. Your digital clock time is always fast.
***20. You've heard roosters crowing at all hours of the day.
21. You know the goat who hangs out with dogs.
***22. Cows along the side of the road doesn't phase you.
23. You have a US Navy visit story, which most likely includes a conversation about someone "just wanting to sleep on your couch".
***24. You have more than one scar on your leg from coral.
***25. You've grown to love the boonie dogs who sit in the middle of the road.
***26. You've paid less for a beer than a soda at a bar.
***27. You've paid more than $4 for a Bud.
28. You have a "drunken dancing" story.
***29. You use the phrases "off island", "same-same", & "air con" (which were never part of your vocabulary before)
***30. You now have poor grammar.
***31. You know how to say 'yes' with your eyebrows and point with a pucker of your lips.
***32. You own more than one set of snorkel gear.
***33. Tape holds some part of your car together.
***34. You've had to set your VCR time twice in one day because there were multi power outages.
***35. You are familiar with the 'aisle of Spam' at Price Costco.
***36. You've filled your bathtub with water because there is a typhoon warning.
***37. You keep your bread in the refrigerator, along with your cereal.
***38. You have made a conscience effort to not compare grocery prices with US grocery stores.
***39. You have to go to more than one grocery store to find all the ingredients for a meal and usually have to end up at Sugar Dock.
***40. You will occasionally pay $7 a gallon for fresh milk and savor its goodness with oreo cookies.
41. You've woke to a funky smell in your house and realize it is only your water.
42. People have had to get out of your car because the speed bump is so high.
***43. You get very excited when a movie opens in Saipan on the same day as it opens in the states.
***44. You have banana catsup and tabasco sauce in your refrigerator.
45. You know all the news and happenings in San Fransisco.
***46. You forget that the news or sporting event you are watching is probably a week late.
***47. You know more doctors, lawyers, and teachers than you did in the states.
***48. You've eaten sushi, red rice, chicken keulgeun, fried chicken, kim-chee, coco, and macaroni and cheese at one meal.
***49. Sometimes you just have to get off "this rock"!
***50. You can identify tropical fish by name.
***51. You have honked and waved at campaigners at an intersection.
***52. You've considered adopting or have adopted a boonie dog or cat.
***53. You want to do an "Island Hopper" trip.
***54. A visit to Kmart in Guam is a 'religious' experience.
***55. You've been to all or one of the following: Cairns, Australia; Hong Kong; or Bali.
56. You have enough frequent flyer miles for a free trip after one trip to the States.
57. You've been on at least one Hash where someone has fallen at some point (even if it is because someone is laughing to hard).
***58. You know the agony of a flight that is over 8 hours long.
***59. You know the joy of going 'home' and the sorrow of leaving 'home'.
***60. You've made some of the best friends of your life.

Yes Saipan can be a hard place to live sometimes, but when you look back it can also be an amazing place to live with some awesome experiences, experiences you won't ever forget. I am so glad Mark and I have had this experience and wouldn't change it for the world...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

And the Training Continues...

This past weekend Mark competed in his first full Enticer Triathalon. It is about half of the distance of a normal Triathalon, which Mark will be competing in on March 13! EXTERRA Saipan, 2010!

Mark has been training like a mad man since the beginning of January, and it is exciting to see how far he has come and just how much he loves all the activity. He has been training at least 4 to 5 days a week, sometimes that include a bike, swim and a run, or sometimes just one of the events.

He did really well this weekend at the enticer, and I was glad I got up at 5:30 to go and watch him... I was also there to clock people in at the end of the race.... But, I was very proud and he did very well! He did the whole race in about 2 hours and 15 seconds! His goal for the Exterra race is to have a time under 4.5 hours... I think he can do it! He has one month left to train!

We were joking about his training the other night. He has alog going to see how much he is training and he was saying that for everytime he writes down a time, I should write down how much Ice cream I ate while he was out training =) I totally would, but I think I would be embarassed to how much I am loving ice cream right now =) Hopefully it won't catch up to me in the end.... =)
All the competitors of Saturday Morning's Enticer Race... Mark is in the middle with no shirt on standing next to our good friend Russ.
Getting ready, waiting for the whistle!
And they are off! Mark said underwater it sounds pretty crazy with that many people swimming around you!
Mark coming in from the the swim, now to run up to the car, dry off a little, throw on his shoes, jersey and helmet, and off on the bike!
Transitioning to the Bike. GO #12!

And he is off, I was quite impressed with this photo, Mark usually isnt a multi-tasker, but he was doing pretty well here adjusting his helmet and biking at the same time =) Just Kidding Marko!
Our Good friend Russ was about 10 minutes ahead of Mark, here he is taking off on his run!

This was a Christmas gift Mark gave me to read to our little girl as she grows up, so while I was waiting for competitors to come in, Coco and I had a good time sitting back and reading... I must say, I cant wait to read this to her again when she is sitting next to me =)
And Mark is off on the Run! I can't believe all the competitors were smiling, I would be crying =)Maybe thats why they are in the race and I am not.
The Enticer was held at Pau Pau Beach, a beautiful beach with beautiful snorkeling. Remember this place Mom and Dad Sawyer/Oliver?
And he is back! Crossing the finish line! Congrats Mark on finishing the race and having great time! Coco and I are certainly glad we got up early to watch you! We can't wait to cheer you on at EXTERRA! We are very proud of our hubby/daddy!

Saipan Scenery & Friends....

Two Sunday's ago, Mark and I, well mostly I was actually feeling up to a hike, Mark is always up for a hike =) So after rounding up some friends we headed down to one of our favorite spots, Old Man by the Sea...

It was nice to get out again and see some of the beauty that Saipan holds that we often forget about. Crystal and Ken even joined us with their guest's the Fly's from Guam. Crystal 34 weeks this weekend, and I was at 25 weeks... It was certainly fun to have another Mama on the trail with me, and I must say, I hope I do as well as she is this late into her pregnancy!

Crystal: 34 Weeks, Me: 25 weeks.

Make on a hike up to the hidden Grotto.... He is kinda cute =)
Issac, Kristie, and Sarah up at the hidden Grotto.

Maybe we will get a chance to hike this one more time before we leave Saipan.... maybe with the Piersons and our two new family members! Crystal and Ken are also expecting a little girl!

Monday, February 8, 2010

26 Down... Roughly 14 to go...

26 Weeks = February 5, 2010

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Into the Double Digit's... 99.

We have hit the double digit mark! Only 99 day's until we get to meet our little Cocononut's girl! 

This week it has really become a reality, that she is going to be here soon! Our friend Kristina, welcomed into the world a little boy, Landon Lewis, last Wednesday. He was a whooping 9 pounds, 6 ounces... but so sweet... We went to see them yesterday and just watching Mark with him, and talking to her about the hospital here on island, I realized, soon that will be us! YAY! 

Along with that, I also realized, we need to get ready, well at least start the process.... we are not doing much here on Saipan, since we will only be here for roughly a month and a half after little one is born, but I would like to do a little something in our bedroom to welcome her to our family! So... with that, we are getting little hangers to hang just a few of her sweet pieces of clothing on, but also, I am borrowing a sewing machine from a good friend, and with a trip to the fabric store, I am hoping I can get a quilt made in time to wrap her up in and bring her home.... 

This is my inspirational quilt, but I will be using different colors and patterns, those are yet to be determined =) 
We are so looking forward to meeting our little one! Only 99 days to go, and it is going to go by QUICK!

We love you our little Coconut girl! 

Mommy and Daddy. 

Keepin' Busy...

The last few weeks have certainly been busy, with school (I should be doing progress reports right now, but taking a mental break), triathlon training, Wyld Life, church, babies, friends,and  staying sane! 

This last Sunday we were able to sit back and relax a little and enjoy part of our weekend. Instead of going to church on Sunday, Mark and I celebrated his birthday - a week late - with some of our good friends on island, some delicious food, and beautiful scenery! 

We hit up the Hyatt Regency Hotel for Sunday Brunch! A big treat for us, as it is about $40.00 per person... but has some of the best food, dessert, and all the can drink champagne, Mark partook in that side. I however, enjoyed all my decaf coffee, apple juice and H2O.  We had fabulous friends join us, and it was a great way to celebrate Mark's birthday, again.... Until next year.... 

Left to right, Jen Brown, Mark, myself, Kanae, Jen Backhaus, Russ, Amanda, Daniel, and Cassie! Thank you guys for joining us! We loved your company and laughter! We should do it more often!Later that Afternoon, while Mama was home resting, I was very sleepy, Mark joined some friends for a mountain bike ride! Recently every day he is either swimming, biking, or running, or a mixture of the three... He has about 1 month and 1 week left until his first Triathlon, and he is doing very well in his training, he has seen minutes chipped off on all of the events... He even just got in a shipment of Fancy triathlon clothing/gear he got for his b-day!  He is now a pro... well kinda =). Maybe someday! 

Either way, I am certainly proud of him and all his hard work! This weekend he is participating in a mountain bike race, then the next weekend his in an olympic sized triathlon, that I promised to get up for and help out... and then the big one in March! I laugh because he sits there working out, while i sit there with my bowl of ice cream and my pregnant belly. Maybe in 5 months I will join him again! 

Wish him luck! 
Not sure who that is, Jake, Mark, and Rex (up close). 
Russ taking the photo, some guy again, Mark, and Jake, and the other's following! Mark, Jake and Russ will be all competing in the March Event - EXTERRA. 

Good Luck Guys! I will be there with a camera and water!