Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Excuses, Excuses. I could think of a hundred excuses for not updating our blog sooner, but I will just stick with the most exciting one.

I come home every day after work, take about an hour nap, get up spend a few hours with Mark, try and stomich some food down, and the get back into bed between 7:30 and 8:30pm. Then I wake up the next morning, usually feeling pretty sick,but it is getting better, and then the day repeats its self....
WE ARE PREGNANT! As of today I am 10 weeks and roughly day along! And our little coconut is growing so fast already! My tummy is getting bigger and bigger already, and I am hoping it will slow down soon =) This was take the day we found out at 7 weeks. Here's Daddy trying to be supportive.
Thank goodness this isnt possible =) Maybe with Beer, but I dont see that happening anytime soon!
We have had three appointments already. The day we found out... our first prenatal, and then a quick stop in yesterday.
At the first appointment the dr. wanted to make sure everything was looking good, so at 7 weeks he did an ultrasound and showed us the heart beat. It is amazing how just in three weeks I can actually make out what that little thing is!
At the second appointment, our first prenatal, they simply did an over all physical and said everything looked good.
Then yesterday, I simply went in to get an infection looked at, nothing serious, but it was bothering me. BUT then they surprised me with an ultra sound, just to see how things are looking.... and there was our little coconut. I could make out the head, and body, even the little legs and arms! It was absolutly amazing! I only wish Mark could have been there. The cooolest part was the dr. was able to push on my tummy a certain way and we were able to watch it punch its little arm into the air! I also got to see the heart beat which was completely reassuring!
Here are some pictures from yesterday!

What a whirl wind of experiences pregnancy has been so far... from the tiredness, not tiredness, exhaustian, to nausea (thank goodness no puking), to being hungry alll the time, to sudden break downs and uncontrolable crying, to watching my belly grow!
We havent even met this little one, and Mark and I are so on Love it already! Mark has already been such an amazing daddy, from doing house chores, to making dinner, to rubbing my shoulders, to simply sitting for 15 min. and talking to my belly =)
I cant wait to meet this little coconut and welcome it into the Sawyer/Oliver family!
We are currently about 10 weeks along, so roughly 30 more weeks to go! Pray that this little one and I stay healthy and safe throughout the pregnancy =)
Mark, Brit, and Coconut.

So Proud of Mark!

Mark is such an amazing man! I couldn't be luckier to have such an amazing husband!

After being in the hospital two weeks ago for kidney stones, this last weekend Mark competed in a 50 km. Bike race, called the "Mini Hell of the Mariana's". There were roughly 100 competitors and they all worked hard. This bike race was not just nice and flat, it was mostly hills and he did so well.... he was just simply hoping to get done within 3 hours =) Which I knew he could do it in less, but since he had been in the hospital he didnt want to push it....

Well he finished in 1 hour and 58 min. and came in 28th place!

I was one proud wifey to watch him come across that finish line!

Later that afternoon he decided he could bike some more, and went out with some of the guys for an afternoon mountain bike ride... he's crazy =)

Now he is training for the next race, which I believe is in December, "The Hell of the Mariana's." It is a 100 km. bike race!


Here he comes!

There he goes!

All smiles coming into the finish line!

One sweaty and hot biker man!