Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hell of the Mariana's - 100 K Bike Race

This last weekend Mark woke me up at 5:15 AM on a Saturday to take him down to the Pacific Islands Club, Where the starting and finish line for the Hell of Mariana's Bike Race took place. They say this is the hardest bike race in micronesia, and I would have to agree, with heat and humidity, even at that early time in the morning, hills upon hills and 60 miles (100 k) on a bike seat, I would have to agree. Mark on the other hand, it was one of his things on his checklist to do while living on Saipan, and Mark didn't only compete in this race, but he did an amazing job!

I was able to drive around the island stopping at points before Mark even came on the bike, which made for great pictures. There were roughly 110 competeitors in this race, and it was amazing to watch! Every time I saw Mark come around a corner, he was smiling, and I was so proud of him! (I am glad it was him and not me. hehe).

Mark thinking he is pretty hot stuff on the way to the race =)

The backside of #117Very early in the morning for me... approx. 5:45 AM on a Saturday... But so excited to watch and cheer on my biker! Mark, Jake, and Melody ready to begin.... Ready, Get Set.... GO!

Mark coming down Radar Hill, about 30 miles into the race....
Coming around the corner at the Last Command Post.... about 20 miles to go!

Leaving Bonzai Cliff, the last stretch and all flat...

Mark clocking in 4 Hours and 35 minutes.... 60 miles...

Glad to be done.... relaxing a little before going home to get ready for the Banquet. Receiving his prizes for coming in 2nd place in his age bracket (26 - 35 year olds) and on Road Bikes! 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. I am so proud of you Mark Andrew!

Mark was a little disappointed with his time, but I, like I have said, I am so proud of him! At the banquet he won $50.oo ( he got the devil, which was a man who jumps out during the race, hence the name HELL of marianas), a cell phone, a sweet medal, and a case of gatorade (a pregnant ladies delight) . It was really fun to be able to be a part of this, even as a cheerleader ( I wouldn't have it anyway.) Now he begins his training to compete in his first Triathalon - Exterra Saipan - in February.....

Good Luck Marko! And Congratulations! Coconut and I are so proud of you!

Stubborn Already...

Last week Tuesday, December 2, we had another doctor appointment. It was certainly a nerve racking appointment from a parents point of view. We went in to listen to the heart beat and after about 15 minutes of searching for the heart beat our doctor gave up and decided to do an ultrasound. Which I was excited about, because up until that point, Mark had never seen his little on on the Ultrasound machine, live! After laying down and them pulling up the picture, their our little Coconut was, heart beat and all. It certainly did give us a scare, but my dr. says that our little one is hiding so far behind my pelvic bone, it was no surprise she couldn't find the heart beat.

Also during our ultra sound, we learned that we have a live one! Little one, would not quit moving long enough to get a good picture. Proud Daddy seeing his child for the first time, was all smiles, especially when it decided to give a show and start punching and kicking into the air.... We even got to see it's spine and rib cage, very cool and creepy all that the same time, I must say.

Needless to say, Coconut is growing healthy and strong and doing just fine. So is Mom. I am feeling alot better and starting to show more and more. I did have my first run in with swollen feet the other night, but we wont talk about that =).

Thanks for your prayers and encouraging words through this time! We get to find out the first week of January if Coconut is a boy or a girl!