Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Counting Down the Days... Literally.

Our Guest Room.. Can you see the Toilet? We cant, yet.

Life has been getting busier and busier since we accepted our positions at Saipan Community School. We are now 64 days away from flying out (July 31) of Seattle. Our 10th Box went out today, our house looks like a bomb has exploded due to the packing, sorting and shipping. Our guest bathroom is unrecognizable due to all the empty boxes needing a place to be stored...

Along with moving in 64 days, school is out in 6.5 days... FINALLY. We are sooo burned out right now because of the end of the year activities, trying to move, spending time with family and friends and winding down our last 2 weeks here in Kahlotus. We are hoping to be moved out by June 12th. And then 2 days later headed to Wildhorse Canyon a long life resort with 14 of our club kids for a week long camp. Please be praying for funds to come in to get all of these kids to camp.

Last weekend in the process of moving a bed to my parents, getting things out of their garage and moving them to farm to put in a storage shed Mark built we did get to have some R & R with family. On Saturday afternoon, in Spokane, we were able to go see the Spokane falls that are over filling with water, flooding some places. It was amazing to see though. Then we headed to the Bowl and Pitcher where we played on the swinging bridge with higher waters then usual.

Then on Monday we had a little BBQ with the Sawyer side of the family on the farm.

Now we are back at work, Awards Banquets tonight, Ballet Recitals tomorrow, then graduation on Saturday, along with packing... We are sooooo ready for June 13th to be here!

Bowl & Pitcher...
Spokane Falls...