Thursday, July 23, 2009

<3 Y.O.U.N.G L.I.F.E <3

This last weekend Mark and I took 4 days and flew down to Denver Colorado for a Young Life Teacher's Summit! It was a blast! The summit was great! We got to meet other teacher staff, listen to some great topics being discussed and even got a chance to drive up to on of the YL properties, and see what that camp was like. Our friend Jen from Saipan and a volunteer leader of YL also met us there! So it was great for us to be on the same page... it was also Jen's first experience at a YL camp!

We have a small commitee being built in Saipan and have 9 volunteer leaders! So as of September we are hoping to have our first club! and Saipan first club ever! Pray for that please!

After the conference ended, we had a chance to meet up and spend a few days with some close family friends, the Johnson Family! While we were there we got to see Bill's new church, their new home and some sights of Colorado. One place to we got to be tourist's at was the "Garden of the Gods". Dad always talkes about this place, but we didnt realize how beautiful it was until we got there! If you are ever in CO and get a chance to go see it, do! It is amazing how much of an artist we has as a heavenly father!

It was a great 4 day weekend and mini vaca.

JoAnn and Mark enjoying the "Garden of the Gods"

This is Crooked Creek, the Young Life Camp we were able to visit!:

Saipan Young Life meets Colorado!
The kids lining up for club!

At the teacher's summit, I "got" to participate in Name that Tune!

Well we are back on Sawyer Farm for a few days and then headed to Spokane until next Wednesday. My brother Tom and nephew Aaron will be visiting for L.A... we havent seen them for almost 2 years so it will be great to be with them for a few days!
Then on Wednesday Mark and I will be driving to Seattle to spend a few days with the Tiegs family (Marks sister, her husband and our niece). Then on Friday I pack up and fly out of the Seattle Airport back to our island. Mark will be joining me at the end of August as he will be back here on the farm helping out with harvest. ( I am going to miss him like crazy!)
I cant believe how fast this summer has flown by! It has totally come and gone. I start school in 2.5 weeks and will be focusing on that and moving into our new home....
I am sad to say goodbye to all of our family and friends.... I wish we all lived closer... but sooner or later we will be once mark and I get back on to the Palouse.
We have missed Saipan too, so it will be good to get back there also.
Alright, well I am going to run and enjoy the time I have left here on the Farm!

...BFF's 4-Life...

"Friendship isn't a little thing - It's a million things." -Author Unknown

One of the main things I wanted to do this summer was hang out with my best friends. These are the girls that mean the most to me! We all met in college and it is true as to what they say those close friends you meet in college will be your friends for life. They will be with you threw thick and thin, in good times and in bad. And all is true for our friendship.

I met Kara my sophmore year of college and Nicole and Sara my Junior Year. And I couldnt ask for better friends. We have been through two weddings and lots of fun adventures. I couldnt ask for better girlfriends and am sooooo glad i got to spend 2 4day weekends with these ladies this summer. I wish we all lived closer but no matter how far away from them we are, I always know they are there.

One other thing i love about these ladies is that, I love how close not only are we to each other, but how close we are to eachothers families and husbands/boyfriends. We all love hanging out with eachother and that makes each time a real treat!

This summer Sara got married! And Nicole, Kara and I were honored to be a part of her beautiful day! She looks gorgeous!
Nicole, Kara and I at the Reception.
Kara, Nicole, the beautiful bride Sara, and Me.... These three girls were also bridesmaid in my wedding!
All teary-eyed when Sara was about the leave.... We love you!
Mark and Sara are two peas in a pod! Hanging out at Sara's the night before the big day!
BFF's. I love you and I miss you like crazy!
Congrats to the newly weds! Sara and John Grove!
Sara's Bachelorette Party in Boise! What a night! =)
I love you Kara Marie!

Nicole and I! (I had a blast with you and Joshy in Sun Valley by the way!)
Perfect night!

Kara, Nicole and Sara.... I love you and miss you. Thank you for your love and friendship. I can't imagine my life without you. See you in June for another week of fun! Or maybe earlier if you head to Saipan? (Hint Hint). =)