Saturday, March 28, 2009

Walking for a Reason...

Today 4 of 6 my 3rd graders, and many other student's of Saipan Community School, joined in and walked in the American Red Cross Walkathon.

I was able to walk with 4 of my cute kids; Joo Young, Sophia, Daniel, and Joseph, and a visiting 6th grader Rena. We walked 3 miles (and they were pooped by the end) and had lot's of fun doing it. Asking each other random questions, listening to High School Musical songs on their MP3 players, and racing each other down the path! It was a great time to hang out with my kids besides in the classroom!

L to R: Sophia, Daniel, Joseph, Joo Young, and Rena
They also found a cocnut and decided to crack it open, even though it wasnt that sweet. It was pretty bad, hence the reason in the picture below Joseph's eyes are watering! =) Hi Mrs. Van Dam and Ms. Winkfield! Fancy meeting you hear! Our Walking path for the Day, shucks... and I live here, and can do this everyday! Ahhh paradise!
The Girls, at the finish line. Tired.

Thanks boys & girls for making the walkathon a blast!

National Junior Forensic's League

Two weekends ago, Mark had 5 of his student's compete in the regionals Forensic league here on island. NJFL is a speech competition and there are many different types of competitions involved; dramatic dialog, poetry, humorious, etc... by the end of Saturday, Mark had 3 of his kids in the top 5 of 3 of the competitions, and they all did an amazing job! The top winners of these competitions are going to flown out to Texas in July for the National Competition, and Mkey (the one wearing the Bronze Medal) will be flying to texas! Congrats Mikey, and Great Job Mr. Sawyer. I am so proud of you, and so happy NJFL is over for the year! =)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's Official - Saipan Young Life

It's official! We are now an area! Check it out! We are so excited! We have our first intro-info meeting this next week, so we are in the midst of getting prepared! Please be praying for us during this crazy and exciting time!

M & B

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A day at the beach, with two very cute boys!

Today made a perfect Sunday. We woke up, went to church, went and had lunch just the two of us, came home and crashed taking a 2.5 hour nap and then woke up to one excited little boy. Meet Isaiah... he is one of our good friends little boys and today we got to babysit him! We spent alot of the time in the afternoon at the beach... WHAT A FISH! He totally let the waves smack him in the face and tubble him down, and then get right back up with a smile! The rest of the evening was spent eating mac-n-cheese, watching over the hedge and reading books. It was a perfect day! And I got to spend it with two cute boys! What could be better?

Also today i realized something i have always known, but i guess today i just hit me a little harder... Mark is going to be an amazing dad! He is so gentle, loving, and patient. You should have seen him today. I was one proud wifey! I cant wait to start our family someday with such an amazing man!

Handsome little Isaiah!
"Again! Again!"
Me and the little stud!
Two Very Cute Boys!
Goodnight Isaiah...
For more pics, check out our photo blog. There are tons. I am not a mom yet, but certainly take pictures like one =)

Mariana's Cup 09'

Two weekends ago, Mark and I got to join in some fun and be spectators at the 17th annual Marianas cup, a beach volleyball tournament. It was an awesome time! We saw some great games, hung out with great friends, spent time on the beach, got to meet some pro-beach volleyball players and even meet Phil Dalhausser, a Bejing Olympic Gold medalist! It was a blast! Here are a few snap shots, but to check out the rest go the link on the right side of the page called photo blog, and you can check out some more!

Phil Dalhausser & Chris Nelson... Look how Phils elbow is above the net! He is 6'9!
Amanda, Phil, Jackie and I... yah we are pretty shrimpish!
Phil's Serving Form...

Team Italy.... They lost, which meant Amanda and I lost our bet, and had to make Mark a Japanese Dinner... booo.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Our New Addiction...

Two weeks ago when were made a quick little stop in Guam for a day and a half Mark and I made a quick stop at Hornet Sports, and walked out with two recipts for bikes. Mine was ready on Monday for me to take back home with us on the plane and Marks was shipped to us just a week later.

Needless to say, we definatly have enjoyed them so far. This last week we biked everyday, and on Saturday headed up to the North end of the island to do a little biking on some trails... it was a blast, and such fun for the two of us to be together...

This last weekend Mark actually competed in mini tryathalon swam for about 400 meters, ran 1 mile, and biked 7 miles... he did a great job and completed it in 52 minutes! I was really proud of him, even though i didnt get up to go and watch... I was still wide awake to greet him when he got home and tired...

So dont be surprised if you see more biking photos coming as we continue to explore our island on a new mode of transportation!