Tuesday, April 20, 2010

36 Weeks and 4 Days...

Yesterday we had our 36 week and 4 day doctor's appointment, and all is still looking great! Coconut is head down, and even farther down then last week. They say she is weighing roughly 5.5 lbs. right now, which means she could gain about 2 more lbs. yikes! They say it is just a waiting game now... tick tock, tick tock.Time to start dialating! 

 The good news though is Dr. Roca says there is no way little girl will make it to 40 weeks; Which makes mommy and daddy quite happy =). We are just hoping she is right... but still trying to not get our hopes up.  

She has had more definite movement lately, not so much punching, kicking etc, but you can certainly see her little feet and or legs and butt moving across my stomach, and her little hiccups. It has been fun for my third graders to watch... 

I am truly back to my tired self and ready for little girls arrival, not that I will be less tired. But maybe I will sleep more comfortably =). We are just so ready to meet her and snuggle with her! 

Well, our next appointment is next Tuesday and on Friday we will hit 37 weeks! 
Maybe our next post will be introducing our little girl, or maybe not =). 

Have a blessed week!
The Sawyer 3

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

35 weeks & Barefoot and Pregnant

Last Friday we hit 35 weeks! Can't believe we are almost there! And this Friday it will be 36 weeks! Yikes!

We had our doctor appointment this last Tuesday and our dr. looked at me and said, "Wow, you have dropped..." With that she wanted to do an internal exam... and she said I was pretty ready as far as mommy to go, and Baby was head down, she was able to feel her head too, which means we are definitely ready. She said all I have to do is start dialating and we will be on our way!

She also said it would be a huge shock if I made it to 40 weeks! She was guessing about 2 more weeks, but gave us the paper work for the hospital in case we didn't make it to our appointment next week! It is still hard for me to believe that she could be here any time now... and so early, but the doc said it was perfect! And we needed to go home and get prepared...

So we have her bag packed, and tonight we are packing ours and installing the car seat! I am not getting my hopes up that we will meet her this week, or next, but I guess you never know... if we don't go into labor before next Tuesday, we will find out at our next appointment =).

Other then that, on Monday night I was cooking dinner and Mark realized that I was bare foot, pregnant and standing next to the stove, so when he asked me to turn around, this is what he did... he took a photo... I think he is a pretty proud daddy! So here is my 35 week photo...
I am feeling great so far! A little on the crampy side, and it is truely getting harder to sleep at night, but for the most part, I can't complain. This little girl has been spoiling mama through this pregnancy but being sooooo sweet... will it last after she is here? =)

We have a baby shower this weekend with my Saipan Community School team and are looking forward to another celebration of this little life!

Prayers for a safe and QUICK delivery are much appreciated =)

We will keep you updated!

M, B, and Coconut!

Coconut's Island Style Baby Shower

This last weekend Coconut, Daddy and I were blessed to spoiled and loved on by some of our closest friends (family) on island! Jen, Becca, and Cassie threw us a beautiful island style baby shower! It was brunch style and the food was delicious and there was so much of it! We opened adorable gifts, and played a silly string game... And in honor of Coconut's name, we decorated husked coconuts!
Jen gave us this adorable island dress, just the right size for her to enjoy her island home for the first month or so of her life!
My coconut and her quilts I made her... we were testing them out =)
One of the games was to take a piece of string and try and guess just how big around I was.... as you can tell, Nikki was WAY off =) But made for a good laugh... and thank goodness I am NOT that large!
Big Jen and Becca! Jen came from Guam to celebrate with us and it was wonderful seeing her again! Becca was amazing and hosted the shower at her home! Thank you!
Gennie, Divinia, myself and Coconut, and Jen the other beautiful hostess! Thank you Jen for all your hard work! It was awesome!
Myself, baby Landon (born Jan. 27), Divinia, and Kanae...
The beautiful watermelon baby carriage Becca carved!

Nikki, myself and Jen...
Me and all the Coconut's.... all 14 of them... they were decorated with sweet faces, and then wrote their guesses of the name, the birthdate, weight, length, and how many hours of labor... we will see which one is the closest! =) Hopefully the soonest date =).

All the beautiful ladies at the shower! Thank you all for coming and spoiling our little girl! I cant wait for you to meet her! And thank you for all your love, support, and comfort throughout the last nine months! You have truely become our family away from family and I will never forget this special day with you!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Break 2010

Here on Saipan there is a very large Catholic influence, so our Spring Breaks usually revolve around the Easter Holiday! Plus, we also get the Monday off after Easter... so that means we have more day before we head back to school...

This Easter break, I wanted it to be a week of relaxing, but accomplishing a few things around the house in order to prepare for little girls arrival. As of now we have 5.5 weeks until her due date!

But as I said, I wanted this to be a week of accomplishing things, and for the most part, I did accomplish what I wanted, not 100% but I can live with that, and I also got in a few things I had not planned on.

First, I made it to 34 weeks pregnant last Friday! We are in the final homestretch, and feeling really good, for the most part. =). I am starting to get tired much more quickly, and little one has found the most horrible place to push on, my syatic nerve in my left leg... OUCH. That is all I can say =). BUT we are excited to meet this little one sooner then 5 weeks or maybe more... praying for less.

The major thing I wanted to accomplish this week was getting her a quilt made... I wanted this quilt to be something for her from Mom that she had from the day she was born, and was planning on it to kind of like a security blanket... however, I wasn't really paying much attention to the measurments... so it turned out to be more crib size, which is okay too, because now we dont have to buy much bedding! Just a bumper, and sheets! And I like the design =). But after I finished the quilt, with some of Daddy's help, i realized I had enough fabric left over, so I started again, and this time, made a her the security blanket she can take with her places... hopefully not for long, just as an infant =).... But it turned out just the right size.. and I may have enough fabric left over to make a few pillows or something when we arrive back in the states!

The Front of the quilt...The pink and Polka dotted back of the quilt...
The back of little girls security blanket...
The front of little girls security blanket...

Because Mark and I are working at different schools this year our Easter breaks didnt line up exactly, I was home most of the week by myself. So one night, so I could get out of the house, we drove to the highest point of the island, Mount Topachau, to watch the sunset... not the best sunset, but it was certanly nice to get out of the house and be with my hubby....
The gross item of the week, again, were the ants... refer back to my ant post, about 4 back.... I will post later with the ant story of the week...

And finally today was Easter Sunday, and what a beautiful day it was! We woke up at 5:30 and headed to Mt. Topachau for an Easter Sunrise service, came home made cookies, watched the Blind Side, went to a friends home for a delicious Easter dinner, came home and played cards and dice on the porch in the nice breeze, and am no relaxing even more knowing we have tomorrow off!

Overall, it wasn't an Easter break full of action, but just what we both needed before little arrives and we head back to school! I only have 4 weeks left before my maternity leave kicks in! 5 weeks until little one hopefully makes an apperance, and 6 weeks before Auntie Angela arrives on Saipan!

We hope you each had a beautiful, blessed and Christ filled Easter! What a beautiful gift he has given us!
He has Risen! He has Risen indeed!

M, B, & Coco