Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"We are Family!"

One of the main reasons Mark and I decided it was a good time to leave our island home of Saipan and move back to the Palouse was because of family. We probably would have stayed another year on our island, but God presented us with a beautiful gift, Hatley! And what a beautiful gift that we needed to share with our family back home. We deeply miss our island family, but it is so good to be with our family here and the new family we are making.....
 Since being home we have been able to enjoy lots of cousin time! Hatley loves her cousins too!
Hatley & Allison
 This last weekend was Palouse Days, a celebration for our town! It has been great living so close to both Marks and my parents! My parents were able to come down and enjoy the weekend festivites with us! We are headed to their house this weekend!
 Hatley Loves her Grandpa Garry and I think he has a slight crush on her too =)

 Grandma Betty and Daddy were in the Palouse Days Parade promoting our Church!
 We have made some wonderful friends here both before we left to Saipan and since we have been home... Here is Hatley and her BFF Riesse! Riesse is 7 months old!
 Daddy & Riesse, and Riesses Daddy and Hatley!
 Thanks for coming to visit G&G Oliver! See you next weekend for GREENBLUFF! (pictures to come!)
 As I said before, Hatley has completely enjoyed her cousin time! Last week she was able to go spend a morning with them while I went and cheered on Mark in his triathlon! Here is cousin grant practicing how to feed a baby!
 When I first got there to drop off Hatley Cousin Grant asked of Hatley would like a ride in the dump truck? Well thanks to Auntie Angela, her bravery and photography, Hatley got her ride, she loved it, her cousins loved it!
 Like I said we dont live far from either of our parents! We live only 4 miles from Marks parents! So we have had lots of Grandpa and Grandma Sawyer time, and we are loving it! I think they are too! =)

Fall is here on the Palouse, which means my favorite season is here too! I havent seen a fall in two years and am so ready for pumpkins, candles, jeans and sweaters, leaves falling, cool breezes! Lots of pictures to come!

Happy Fall!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Even though Mark and I have been married for almost 4 years now, there are times when I feel a little bit more "Domesticated" then others... Like today.

This morning while Mark was out washing my car, Hatley in the stroller, and I were walking around the house dead-heading the flowers and watering... Then we sat outside with daddy and talked... the rest of today has been full of house hold chores, and mostly chores I do not mind at all, laundry, dishes, folding laundry, catching up on our blog, playing with hatley, baking and discovering tomatoes on our plant!

Some days I feel that I should be doing more as a wife and mother, but then there are days that I feel pretty happy about what I am doing. Yes, I havent gotten dressed, or showered, or left the house, but I have gotten a lot done, made our house beautiful, and made a delicious treat for my hubby...

Yay for being Domesticated... Today.

 While in Saipan I dreamed about having my own garden. Even though we did not return to the states in time to plant one of our own, we comprimised with flowers and a tomatoe plant =) And I just love watching them bloom and grow!
 Our first harvest =)
A beautiful bird house I bought from some guy selling them off the side of the road in Spokane.
Homemade Banana Bread... mmmmmmmmmmmm.

Stinkin' Cute & 4 Months Old!

Our little girl, isn't so little anymore! Hatley turned 4 months old on monday! She has grown so much. At her doctors appointment she weighed in at 14 pounds 12 ounces and was 24 inches long... Which means she has gained roughly 8.5 pounds and has grown 6 inches! She was so little at birth, but is definitley catching up!

Hatley is now starting to try and roll over, she usually can get to her side, but then gets stuck =). She also has discovered her fingers, and LOVEs to shove them in her mouth, especially her pointed finger... she has gagged herself quite a few times... With those tiny little fingers she is also grabbing lots of things, her paci, her bottles, anyones fingers, and especially mommy's hair =). She has also discovered her tounge! She has it sticking out all of the time! And lastley she has discovered her voice... and man does she love to talk! She has the sweetest sounds though, they just make us smile! Especially when she gets overly excited!

I have loved every age so far, but so far this is my favorite, all her personality is coming out! I cant wait (I can wait) to see what else she will learn to do this first year!

 Trying to roll over....
 I get stuck about here =)
 Mmmmmmm fingers... so tastey!
 Queen of the Crib!
 Thanks Aunt Suz for letting us borrow your Jumparoo! I am a jumpin' fool!
 I am now enjoying tummy time! I am doing soooo good at holding my head up!
 But i get tired too =)
 See, if you look closely i have mastered holding things!
 I love going to the farm and reading with my grandpa John! I am now just starting to focus on books and their pictures, especially of the books make funny noises!
 Mommy loves nap time =)