Thursday, October 28, 2010

Green Beans, NO THANK YOU!

       Today we tried out some REAL food with Hatley... Not just plain cereal or formula for our little girl now! Today was the first try, and it was Green Beans... She ate them like a champ, but I am not sure she liked them much. =) We are going to keep trying them for a few days and then maybe move onto Sweet Potatoes =) We will see though... We no longer have a little baby anymore! She is still a baby, but getting so big, way to fast!  Happy Eating everyone!

Whats this Mommy?
Oh Yuck! What did you just put in my mouth?
Mommy, I ate enough, can we please stop for now? I promise I'll try again later! 

Friday, October 8, 2010

A Retreat full of Memories...

Roughly 15 years ago Mark and I met at Ross Point Baptist Camp, in Post Falls, Idaho. Mark was 13 years old and I was 12. We had mutual friends, but that was as far as it went. It wasnt until the summer before Marks freshman year at the University of Idaho, and my senior year at Ferris High School, that something happened. It was summer camp, and I was so excited to get to camp that year. I pulled up in my subaru legacy, and there was Mark sitting the front porch of the chapel building. To my amazment, he wasnt to skinny anymore (but he really was) and he was looking mighty good. I got out of my car and Mark noticed me right away... weird... But to keep this short, throughout the week we began to hang out more and more everyday, by the end of the week, we had started dating ( through letters we had written each other), had held hands for the first time (at campfire), and had our first kiss (behind Marks cabin after campfire). Needless to say it was a good camp!

Camp has always been dear to both of our hearts, not just because that is where we met and started dating, but because it was where we both gained personal relationships with Christ. I was baptized there. We both went every summer, we made amazing friends... Camp in all is a huge part of our growing up and will be of our growing old.

The last week of September Mark and I were able to go back for two days, this time as adults (not the first time) and as a pastor and a pastors wife (weird). We were headed to a leadership conference, and Hatley got to come too! It was her first time at Ross Point Camp, and I hope the first of many!

During one of the sessions Hatley and I were able to go for a walk together and it was so fun for me. It was a beautiful WARM fall day and it was perfect. I took Hatley around to all my favorite spots at camp, showed her special places and she smiled the whole time.

After the session was done, Mark and I both had some free time, so we were able to go on a walk together as a family and show Hatley where we carved our name into the tree almost 8 years ago, which we had to redo because Mark was the only one still there =). We also showed her where we first kissed, and told her about all the things she will get to do at camp someday, minus finding a boyfriend =).

It was a wonderful two days of great speakers, great food, great relaxation, and great memories to be had and to remember...

See you Soon Ross Point!
 The new engraving in the tree.
 The old engraving, see how Mark is the only one left...
 My first cabin, and the cabin I was in when Mark and I started dating!
 Marks cabin.
 In the spot where we kissed for the first time, =)
 We kissed right by that tree trunk!
 The Cabins!
 Smiling girl on our walk.
 Tha Lagoon and campfire!
 First time!

 Swinging, Smiling girl with daddy!

 By our tree!

Autumn in the Northwest

Fall is by far my favorite time of the year, I love all the colors, the jeans and sweaters, boots, hats, mittens, hot apple cider, kettle corn, and pumpkins! I espcially love Green Bluff. Green Bluff is a community just north of Spokane that I grew up each year going to with my parents and brother. And for the last 2 years mom would always call me while we were in Saipan and they were at Green Bluff and say she wished I were there. Well, I WAS THIS YEAR! And this year was extra special for me, because I got to introduce Hatley to it! She was such a trooper, and did great while Mommy and Daddy dressed her up! Get ready Hatley, you'll be going to Green Bluff for the rest of your life, or atleast until your 18 years old. =) Happy Fall Everyone!
 Hatley and her friend Pippy! =)
 I dont think she cared for the rooster ride much =)
 Happy Cows come from Happy Parents! =)

 Wag that little tail!
 She certainly does love her Papa!
 Our little cow. Happy Halloween!

 The Sawyer Family!

 Uncle Andy even came with us! What a great day!

 My Love!
 Uncle Andy and his favorite Niece!
 One Proud and Happpy Mama!
 The Oliver Family!

 Andy and Mark, meant for each other!

Picking our pumpkins!