Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Chicago and 99 Days and counting until Saipan!

Why hello there!

Hope all is going well with those of you who read this! We just wanted to share some photos with you of our weekend to Chicago. Just like last year, this year we joined 11 young life staff/volunteers from our area on a 3 day quick trip to Chicago for a Young Life conferance. It was a blast of a weekend except for the 2 hour delay home and driving over snowqualmie pass at 10pm through a white out of snow and getting home at 1:30 am, and then teaching the next morning!

Besides that is was a ton of fun. The speakers we wonderful and the shopping was great! We spent Saturday afternoon touring the magnificant mile and visiting one of my favorite stores, H & M.

Other then that we are busy with the last month or so of school and now getting ready to move. Only 99 day to go until we are "Leavin on a jet plane..." We are now in the process of deciding what we want down there and deciding when we should send it. We are having to start shipping things in the next few weeks if we want it to be there when we arrive... yikes...

Still looking for a home for border our kitty, for the year if you know of a good and lovin home!

Hope to see you sometime soon. And we pray that warm weather will come all of our ways!