Thursday, June 10, 2010

Friends into Family

As time comes to a close here on Saipan, Mark and I have been talking alot about what we are excited for back on the Palouse, but also what is so dear to us here on Saipan and what we are going to miss the most. Sure, I am definitley going to miss the year round sun shine and warm weather, the delicous food, the chance to go to the beach anytime of day we want, and just the slower paced life style. WE ARE GOING TO MISS OUR ISLAND HOME...But the main thing we focus on is our island family and how much we are going to miss them. When you live on Saipan, you live far from your family, unles you are from Saipan... and it can be hard sometimes being out here without family, however, the friends you make on Saipan, not only become life long friends, but become your family....So to all of our Saipan family, thank you. We love you, and are going to miss you dearly..You have all meant so much to Mark, Hatley and I. We couldnt have lived here without you. You truely are our family.
Owen and Irene Gabbie, our island parents. Keep a room open for us in NZ. We will be coming to visit!

Pastor Greg and Sandy Dickerman, Thank you for all your love and encouragment!

Hatley's island Grandma, Jan. Thanks for taking care of us!

Lil' Jen!

Family celebrating Marks 27th birthday... L around the table... Jen, Mark, myself, Kanae, Jen, Russ, Amanda, Daniel, and Cassie...

All very special Ladies in my life!

Nikki and Jen, Love you girls!

The Myhrums... so glad you will only be 2 hours away in the states!

Crystal, Shylah and Ken... Crystal and I were pregnant at the same time, and I couldnt have asked for a better friend to go through it with... I have loved getting to know your family and watching the girls grow to this age together! We will miss our bachelor nights, lunch dates, and just hanging out! Love you guys!

Thankful Thursday....

How can you not be thankful for smiles from someone so cute? I am so thankful to be Hatley's Mommy. Even on the roughest days, she steals my heart.

I love you H-Roo.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hatley's Island Photo Shoot

While Hatley's Auntie Angela was here we were able to set up some of our very own photoshoots to capture some adorable and beautiful pictures of our little girl... Here are just a few peeks, to check out the rest of them check out our online photo blog at:

Thank you again Ang for capturing such a sweet time!

Mark, Brit, and Hatley

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sand, Sun, Fun, & Family!

Mark, Hatley, and myself were completely and utterly blessed with a Christmas gift that was given to Mark's sister Angela: A PLANE TICKET TO SAIPAN! This was not only a gift for Ang, but a great gift for us, a gift of having family on island, and a gift of introducing Hatley to someone in her amazing family!

Angela was able to spend a whole 12 days with us, that were spent playing in the sand (Hatley enjoyed the ocean and the sand for the first time!), enjoying happy hour, watching Law and Order (GO BD WONG!), shopping, hiking, playing tourist, and simply just being together! We couldnt have asked for a better guest or a better vacation... Here are just a few shots from our time together, to check out all the others, go ahead and take a look at our photo blog: You can also probably check out Angela's blog for many more pictures =).

Thank you Angela for making the long flight, being willing to try pretty much anything, and simply spending time with us... We were so blessed to have you here, and so blessed to have you as our sister. We miss you already. BUT we will see you soon!

Mark, Brit, and Your Bitty
Auntie Angela, right off the plane, meeting Hatley for the first time!

Hyatt Happy Hour!

The Girls at Brunch! Hat looks a little confused... maybe it was the flash.

The 4 Sawyers on Saipan

On the Ferry headed to the beautiful island of Managaha!

The Sawyer Family on Managaha

Our girl in her itsy, bitsy, tinny, winny yellow polka dot bikini... thats too big =)

Already a  beach lover.

Welcome to Saipan Angela!

Our family at Brunch....

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I have been inspired. Each week my sister in law does two things on her blog, Friday Fave and Wordless Wednesday. Well as our time on Saipan is growing shorter, as I drive through the island and hang out with friends that we wont be around much longer, I am continuously realizing, what a blessing this time on Saipan has been, and how thankful I am for this opportunity God has given Mark and I, and Hatley (in her short time). So, my inspiration is my sister in law, and all that I am thankful for... We often focus on the negative or the crap that is going on in our lives, so I am going to take time, once a week, and simply post a quick picture of what I am thankful for that week...

What are you thankful for?
This week, I am thankful for the amazing time Mark and I had with Angela, and thankful for the fact that Hatley has one amazing Auntie!