Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Trust in the Lord with All your heart... something I need to remember.

My heart is breaking for my Saipan home today. It has been for almost a week. I have dreamed about going back, but this week i have more often then the last 11 months. We left Saipan almost 1 year ago, and there is not one day that goes by that we don't think about it or talk about it... but this week it has been heavy on our hearts.

We are asking you to pray. Our last year in Saipan we lived in the village of As Teo, and got to know our landlords family very well... to the point we called them family. They were part of our island family. Last Friday I found out that two of the little girls, our neighbors, Faloma(10) and Meleina (9) went missing. Their grandfather, Elbert owned the smoothie stand that we enjoyed each Thursday night at the street market... He also helped sell our car after we left island. A generous family and a loving family.

Faloma and Meleina went missing last Thursday (Saipan time). They were at the bus stop waiting for their school bus as usual. Mark and I waved to them every morning on our way to work, and they waved back with their beautiful smiles. Since last Thursday nothing has been found... That gives me hope, but also breaks my heart. The FBI was also called in this week, which scares me.

I am writing this today, to ask you to pray. Pray for Faloma and Meleina, that they are safe, unharmed, and doing well. Pray for Elbert and his family and his extended family, pray for their peace and health. Pray for all the volunteers and agents that have tiresly been working on this case, searching through the jungles, going door to door. Pray for the island of Saipan... PLEASE PRAY. I know our God is bigger then any of this and I know he can take care of this situation.

Also, please pray for Mark and I as our hearts long to be on our island home... We know God brought us back to the Palouse for a reason, but it is days like today that our hearts long to be with our island family.

Thanks so much for your prayers, we will keep you updated as much as we can.