Monday, August 30, 2010

Charming, Chipped, & Cute...

One of my newest things to do is Antique shop! I love, love, love it! I love looking at the items and wondering where they had been and who had owned them... And I moved to the right town to do this. Palouse has roughly 5 antique shops that i have visited on a monthly basis, and always walked out with a little something in hand =).

Well I was on facebook this morning and a friends sister of mine had posted a note about her friends shop that she just opened up online, so i went to take a glimps, and I am in love with LOVIES! Totally cute antiques.... I loved everything she had in her store! So, what am I doing? Telling you to go take a look too if you are an Charming, Chipped, and Cute Antique lover like me... she is very reasonably priced, and as I mentioned has adorable items!

Some are asking why I have this love? Well it is because of the house we just moved into, I have always had this love, but this house has made it burst...  its an older farm house with a lot of character... here is a look at the kitchen... may just need to go to Lovies and get some of the cute kitchen ware!

Go Look and Shop Happy!

Friday, August 27, 2010

School Answering Machine

This is something for all the teachers out there... Mark and I were dying of laughter as we were watching this... Why? Because as teachers, you pretty much encounter this on a day to day basis!

Enjoy a laugh!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

God Bless The American Housewife

My friend Jessica and I have two things in common, well more then two things, but the two that stand out tonight are... 1) we are both moms, with little girls. Her's is 6 months and Hatley is almost 4 months... so naturally we have had quite a few of the same experiences lately. and 2) we both love SheDaisy! They are such a fun group to listen too, and 95% of the time they make me want to dance!

So I was checking out Jess's blog and she had this new music video up, and i fell in love... as a new mom you are just getting into the groove of it not only being about you and your husband, but about another little person... and it makes me laugh all the things you encounter as a mom...

Before I was a mom I would have never just wiped my hands on my pants, well now, there is spit, spit up, formula, and who knows what else on my pants and who knows what time... I have been spit up, peed on... have gotten poop on my fingers, havent showered for 3 days (by choice, because i was being lazy).... I love being a mom and a wife... i mean I do have a pretty AWESOME husband and an adorable little girl, so it makes it easy.... But this song explains it all, and to all the moms out there, GOD BLESS YOU!

Growing so BIG

When Hatley was 4 days old, Mark and I took her grocery shopping for the first time. Mark was so excited when we went down the baking isle and realized that our little gal was almost the same size as a 5 lb. bag of sugar and had to have a picture...
Hatley - 4 days old. 5 pounds, 6 ounces. So small.

She was so little then. It just amazes me how much she has grown... To me, it is so hard to believe that she is the same little island girl. Well, the other day, we were grocery shopping again, and again were in the baking isle.... and this time Daddy found another 5 lb. bag of sugar.....
Hatley - 3 1/2 months old. Roughly 13 lbs. Getting so big...

We really should have taken a picture of her with the 5 lb. bag of sugar to see how shes changed... maybe that will be our next assigment when we head to the grocery store...

Next Monday she will be 4 months! Yikes1

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Time is Tick, Tick, Ticking Away...

Oh Where has the summer gone? We have been home for almost two months and it feels like it has flown by! We have loved being home, enjoying time with family,friends, and in all the places we love.

 I keep on thinking that we should be back in Saipan, as school has already been in session for 2 weeks already! I am truely missing the students and the school. As of now we are both getting setteled into our new groove. Mark has begun his job at the Palouse Federated Church as the associate pastor working 3/4 time. He is also in full harvest mode as all the farmers here on Palouse are harvesting their crops... and soon, once school starts he will begin working with the school district as a bus driver and possibly substitute teaching. I am  still looking for a possition that will allow me to work part time, in order to stay home with Hatley as much as I possibly can... I too will be substitute teaching, but would like to get something that is permanent... so send prayers our way that whatever God has in store for me will come soon =)

Hatley has grown like a weed. She is now (well at her 3 week appointment was...) 12 pounds 1 ounce and 22 inches long... she has officially doubled her birth weight and grown 4 inches. She has her 4 month, yes, I said 4 MONTH appointment this next Monday, so we will see just how much our little 5.6 lb. baby has grown. It is so hard to believe that she will be 4 months old already! Mommy doesnt like =)

Well, as I said summer has flown by, and so has time, hence the reason I havent really updated the blog. I PROMISE, I will TRY to update this alittle bit more often from now on =) But for now, here are some of my favorite pictures from our first summer back in the states...

Enjoy your summer, or whats left of it!

Pike Street Market, Seattle,WA... I have had a flower fetish all summer!

Fresh Fruit at Pike Street.

Pikes Street, Public Market Center. Seattle, WA.

We went to Seattle to visit Marks middle Sister, Julie, and her husband Rob and Little gal Mya! Hatley loved her cousin time!

Aunt Julie, Cousin Mya and Hatley enjoying Mya's new birthday tent!

While in Seattle we went to this gorgeous park covered by wetlands and boardwalks... it was beautiful... feels so good to be back in the beautiful northwest.

Aunt Julie and Cousin Mya on the boardwalks.

At the end of the boardwalks there was a park for the kiddos to play... Hatley enjoyed her first swing ride ever... she was mostly alllllll smiles!

With it being harvest time, that means the combines are up and running and it also means mommy and hatley dont see dad that much, but we did spend an afternoon out in the fields with daddy, and Hatley got to ride in a combine for the very first time! Though, she slept through most of the ride =) But daddy was certainly proud!

One Proud Farming Daddy!

hatley isnt our 5 lb. bag of sugar anymore, no, she is now closer to our 10 lb. bag of sugar. =(

We spent ALOT of time in the pools this summer, we met up with cousin Sadie, Allison and Grant and Auntie Angela...

Uncle Mark and Sadie flying down the slides!

Our little island, water loving girl!

Thanks G&G Oliver for the adorable new swim suit! Mommy and Daddy love love love my little buddah belly hanging out =)
This is when we first arrived back in the states, this is G&G Oliver meeting their grand-daughter for the first time!

We were able to spend 3 days with the Holling family (Marks sisters family) at their Priest lake cabin!

The whole family came up! Mark and my dad got lots of kayaking in!

handsome man.

We did lots of paddle boat rides with the nieces and nephews too!

Hatley enjoyed catching some rays u at priest lake =)

Dad and I getting some Kayaking time in too!

Suz, trent and I enjoying our time together! Finally!

G&G Sawyer enjoying the newest member of the family on a boat ride on Priest lake!
Grandpa Sawyer and his girl =)

Three generations.

The Sawyer family on the 4th of July!

G&G Oliver came to visit us! We made a trip into Moscow and went to the Saturday Morning Farmers Market!

Auntie's Kara and Nicole came to visit and meet Hatley for the first time!

Cousins Sadie and Allison threw a High Tea at Grandmas Sawyers and they asked us to dress up silly, so here is our little flower child!

Mommy and Daddy had their first date night!

We have really enjoyed being back on the farm, here is marko and his pup mattie!

Palouse Sunset

Aunt Kara and Uncle Joe come to visit!

More family fun at the Palouse Pool!

Daddy and Hatley at the Palouse Blue Grass Festival!