Thursday, January 12, 2012

Christmas 2011

Christmas was crazy-busy for us as usual, but so worth every moment. We started off the celebrating with my parent's in Spokane, Christmas Eve and Christmas morning here at our home, and then finally Christmas afternoon and the day after at Sawyer farm!

Sadly to say my camera charger went missing just a few days before Christmas, so we didn't get many pictures taken... but enjoy what we've got!

We hope you enjoyed a Christ filled Christmas!
H in her new tutu dress for Grandma and Grandpa Sawyer, and new Converse tennies from Daddy.

Reading a Christmas book with cousin Kylie and Uncle Rob!
Like Father, Like Son.
Christmas morning at our house!
Nana and Papa you striked big with your Cupcake Kitchen! Thank you!
Christmas at Nana and Papa's in Spokane!
Her favorite Christmas friend... she played with him the whole Christmas season.
Undies! Merry Christmas Mark! =)
Passing out gifts to Nana, Papa, and Uncle Andy!
Thanks Uncle Andy for the Dora Doll, she is in love!
Thanks Papa for the bath and cuddling with me!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A New Year, New Beginnings, and New Resolutions.

I realized that I didn't even get to wish you a Merry Christmas! This last month has been crazy with church functions, parties, family time, trips, baking, etc... and I am kinda thankful to now look at the next couple weeks on the calendar and realize there isn't much and that we can actually get caught up on life. But boy, do I love the Christmas season! Mark and I actually just got back this afternoon from a 3 day mini-moon to Lake Chelan. We celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary on Dec. 30! But more on that later with some photos!

Well, as I look at the calendar and start filling in the dates all the way up until next December, I was thinking about the fact that I have never really been a person to set resolutions and stick to them, or even set them... so this year I wanted to give it a try.... Here are just a few of my to do's on my 2012 list...

I am in the middle of applying to a couple of schools in order to obtain my Elementary Education Endorsement and a Master's of Teaching... So this year one of my resolutions is to either begin classes this spring and get the ball rolling, or get back in the some part time work. I am subbing right now and if I could do that along with schooling that would be ideal.... pray for God's guidance please! So either hitting the books (picture above) or get back into the working world (picture below).
I keep looking at my pile of pictures and the scrapbooks that need to be updated. My goal is to get Hatley's album completely up to date by her 2nd birthday. That means I have 4 months. I also want to get our wedding album done, as I just mentioned we have been married 5 years! And lastly I have an album sitting here that says Sawyer Family Album, well it is still empty, and again I state we have been married 5 years! Lots of scraping ahead of me!
I continue to get books I want to read, I start them, and then there they sit, on my night stand.... half read, only 30 pages left to be read, or not even started. My goal is to read every single book on my night stand by the end of the year, and that means no more buying until I have reached that goal..... there are probably about 16 books or so, and to be honest I get on a roll, I read for a month or so straight and then I hit a speed bump... and by the time I can read at night after Hatley has gone to bed, I am just too tired... So hoping this resolution actually happens or I may never be buying another book again.
I want to stay up to date on my blog, but as you can see that really doesn't happen. Wish me luck!

What are some of your New Years resolutions? Maybe I could add them to my list! =)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Year of Change? Prayer's Appreciated.

Well, November has come and gone and I didn't, much to my lack of motivation and everything else going on in life, did not complete my 30 days of Gratefulness. However I was and am grateful. Looking forward Christmas is upon us and I am excited to see Hatley's face and excitment this year as she will understand a little bit more of what is going on... but I will get to that later.

Today I am talking, thinking, looking into and researching change. A change for our family. And in the long run, hopefully a fantastic change that will pay off, literally.

My heart still holds true to my Alma Mater, the University of Idaho, but this change will not include them.

No this time it will include the school I never dreamed of going to, the school that I purposely did not want to attend when graduating high school because everyone from Ferris was headed there. But needless to say, it is them now, that I think will be the best fit. Hello Washington State University.

Like I said, I am looking into, thinking about, and researching what it will take for me to go back to school. Since being home from Saipan I have felt lost. And not a relational loss, but a professional loss. I love being home with Hatley more then anything, But I can see the stress it has put on our family, the stress it has put on our finances, and especially the stress it has put on Mark. And I want to free him from that. I mean it is my fault in the first place that we are stuck with all the stinkin' student loans we have. Not his.

But since being home from Saipan a job has not been easy to come by, especially when your degree is Art Education, most art programs are being cut. And after teaching third grade for 2 years I know that is where my heart and passion is professionally. So here were go. I am applying for financial aid to see how this is even feasible, I am apply to WSU and hopefully beginning classes this next spring or summer to obtain my Elementary Education Endorsement and a Masters in Teaching.

I think if we can do this and it is in God's will, that this will be a great change for our family in the long run...

Would you pray about this with me? That this is God's will and if it isn't that he'll show us where to go... will you pray with me that financially we can make this all happen, and that family wise I will be able to juggle having almost 2 year old (once school actually begins), a home, a husband, substitute teach when possible, and go to school full time?

Prayers would be greatly appreciated as we are looking for God's will in my professional life. I love teaching and I know it is where I am supposed to be professionally. I think. God is it where you want me?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

30 Days of Grateful... Day 23

Looking back at my last post, I want to reiterate that I am thankful for being back home. I would love a job where I could live in Saipan 6 months out of the year and 6 months here on the Palouse, but I don't see that ever happening =).

But I am thankful to be home. The day before Thanksgiving, we drove up to my parents, where we would be spending the weekend. What am I thankful for today then? The fact that we are so close to family. I calculated it today, we are exactly 62.6 miles from my parents and only 4 from Marks. I am so thankful for the fact that I can just jump in the car and drive either way just for the day. I am thankful that Hatley get's excited when we pull into their driveways =)

I love and miss you Saipan, and am so thankful for our time, and hope there is more. But I am also so thankful that our family is so close now and that we can pop on over whenever we want.

OPERATION.... Get caught up... 30 Days of Grateful... Day 22

I am so far behind in life. I have dishes needing to be done, 5 loads of laundry in process, Christmas cards waiting to be addressed, Thanksgiving cards needing to be stamped, Christmas presents needing to be wrapped and hidden, floors needing to be swept, mopped and vaccumed, and the list goes on and on. But right now, Hatley is asleep, and tomorrow is the last day of November. So I need to get blogging and catch up on my 30 day's of grateful. So I will try in the midst of everything else stareing at me, get these done and caught up by tomorrow =).

30 Days of Grateful... Day 22.

I was thankful for small job opportunities.

Since being unemployed I am feeling the pressure. I need a job, a steady and permanent job, but no such luck. My eyes are always open and looking, but we are trying to find something that would fit our family and our financial budget... so until then, I have been blessed with small opportunities.

I am thankful for the small job opportunities God has given me these last few months. Subbing, watching my nieces and nephews.... I know there is job out there for me, and I know I need to remember God is in control... lately I have been really frustrated with living in Palouse. I love living here don't get me wrong. But I continue to think, if we had just stayed in Saipan. I would have a job that I LOVED, that paid the bills, that I didn't mind going to each morning. BUT I know God brought us home for a reason, I know he put us in Palouse for a reason, but now I want to know what is my reason. Where am I supposed to be? I want to be home with Hatley, but it just financially isn't possible... but I am not willing to leave her for a job I hate, where I bring home the baggage and frustration. I need to be home when I am home...

But until I find out my reason, I am thankful for the small opportunities God has given me these last few months. And I am so thankful for the time I have had to be home with Hatley.

ps: I would be ever so grateful for prayers about this too! =)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

30 Days of Grateful... Day 21

Yesterday I was thankful for a productive day at home. I am so thankful for days at home, where I can actually get something done and also do a little bit of relaxing and down time. I cleaned all day, deep cleaned, organized and caught up on life... Hatley who never takes more then a 30 minute nap, took a 2 1/2 hour nap! AMAZING! Another thing to be thankful for!

So what did this Mama do in the time frame? Stayed in my PJ's which I had not changed out of, made a hot cup on coffee and caught up on my new addiction - Parenthood. It was a wondeful 2 1/2 hours and I was grateful for that little down time....

30 Days of Grateful... Day 20

On Sunday I was so thankful to be surrounded by family and delicious food. The Sawyer family are all going seperate ways for thanksgiving, so we had an impromptu thanksgiving together. The food was delicious and abundant... there was laughter, sledding, a fire, and just catching up. It was certainly a day to give thanks for.

And I completely forgot a camera, so no pictures! Sorry.