Saturday, January 29, 2011

We are lost....

For the last 9 months or so, literally since right after Hatley was born, Mark and I have been watching the tv series LOST. At first we were both kinda iffy on it, but as the episodes rolled on, our love for LOST grew...

We just recieved season 6, disc 3 in the mail today from Netflix... which means we have 3 discs left of the whole series...and we are completely bummed out...  We are tempted to watch it all over again, yes, we love it that much...  We were thinking we would like to venture out a little bit, since that is pretty much the only thing we have watched in the last 9 months... (which I would do again, and again).

So my question for you... Do you have any TV series favs? that are worth it? I mean really worth it? We are open for suggestions, otherwise, we are going to be hanging out with Kate, Jack, Sawyer, Hurly, Sun, Jin, Charlie, Claire, Saiede, Locke, for another 9 months or so....

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Another Goal... REALLY?

I know, I suck, just say it. =) I have tired blogging each and everyday like I said I would, but I do have two good excuses, well a few more then two.... 1) It was Marks birthday weekend, so we werent even home. 2) I have an almost 9 month old. and finally 3) My stupid, hunk of chunk computer keeps randomly shutting down... So I havent been uploading pictures to it, I have been saving everything on a hard drive, and praying it can hold on just a little longer... do you blame me for not blogging?

Well as my blogging goal has started going down the drain, so has something else, another goal... and I better get better at sticking to my goals, because unlike my blogging goal and not sticking to it, I have no choice in the other.

.... BLOOMSDAY 2011....

Yes, I said Bloomsday, aka Doomsday.

Mark and I have been talking about this for months, and yesterday Mark said, Oh by the way I got the Sunday off of Bloomsday, so guess what we are doing it and there is no way out... yoikes! Guess I am doing it =)

Bloomsday is a 12k (7.46) race... you can walk it, jog it, skip it, whatever your heart longs for, but mine... mine is longing to run it, most of it. I havent run a full mile since highschool... and now I am facing more then 7. Bloomsday takes place in Spokane, WA, my hometown on May 1... which means I have exactly 95 days to get my rear end into gear, on the treadmill, and running 7+ miles... Lord help me.

So today, I ask for encouragment and prayers! I am going to need all I get!

Come to think of it, if I run Bloomsday in 95 days, that means Hatley turns 1 in 94! Oh Lord, I do need your help more then I know =)

Off to eat some cookies, have a coke, and watch The Bachelor =)

Friday, January 21, 2011

100 Days of Blogging...Day 1

So I have set a goal for myself... to blogg ONE HUNDRED days in a row... I will honestly try, but with a almost 9 month old.... I am a little worried. =) So we will see how this whole thing plays out... And what a better way to start it out, by saying...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY  to the LOVE of my life! Mark turns 28 today! Hatley and I couldnt be any luckier! We have the best Daddy and Hubby girls could ask for! We love you Mark!

Friday, January 7, 2011


I have been so blessed. Moving from Saipan was a big deal for Mark and I, it meant leaving friends on a beautiful island that we did not just consider friends, but family. I was worried that when we got back that we would not be able to duplicate those types of relationships. And I was right, we have not duplicated any of those relationship, but have made new ones. It was a blessing and so much fun for me to be able to host an ornament exchange in our home at the beginning of December... and as the picture below shows, I have definitly created some amazing friendships here on the Palouse and am so thankful for the women God has put into my life here in our new home. I cant wait until next year for the 2nd annual ornament exchange! It was full of laughter, food, drinks, conversation, stealing of ornaments, and overall friendship! Thank you ladies for your friendship and the joy you bring to my life! I am so BLESSED.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Yes, weird post title, I know. But it is true. I have slacked and really not wanted to do blogging for sometime, hence the reason behind one of my older posts, "Do you read this?" However, I want to blog and not just about my family but about life. What makes me happy, what makes me mad, the cool things Mark and I are doing, the fun things Hatley is learning, and simply what brings me joy... So.... I am going AMP IT UP SOME, and start blogging not just about family but about everything! Stay tuned! Because these up coming posts may have give aways.... May is the key word =)...