Saturday, May 30, 2009

Back in the Good Ol' U. S. of A.

We are back in the Great State of Washington!

We got in on Friday May 29th, at 9:00 AM. Our flights were fine. Mark slept the entire way from Tokyo to Seattle, as I did not... So uncomfortable. However, they werent horrible flights and we made it here safely. Friday as a HUGE day for us.... we got to meet new family members, reunite with others, indulge in much anticipated items, etc... here are just a few pictures from today and yesterday!

Much Anticipate Non Fat Vanilla Iced Latte at Starbucks! They had it early then expected too. I thought I would have to wait until Seattle, but sure enough Nagoya, Japan came through!

Seattle is Freezing! When we flew in on Friday the current temp. was 62 degrees. I know that is warm for this area, and especially after the winter they had, but my goodness. My toes are still numb. I think it is going to take Mark and I some time to aclamate.
Something Saipan does not have, Traffic Jams... After 10 months of no stopping and waiting, it was kind of exciting to fly down the highway at 70 mph and have to slam on the breaks to stop and wait! =)
KID TIME! Friday after arriving we went to Julie and Robs home (Marks middle sister) took some naps and then were greeted by 2 nieces and a nephew! Allison, Sadie, and Grant... and their Mama Angela! It was so great to get big bear hugs and kisses. We missed you guys!
After hopping in the Van with them, we went to Wendy's where we met Rob, Julies husband, and Mya! Our first time to meet her! She was due 2 days before we flew to Saipan, however, she waited to make her arrival two days after we left! She is a hoot! and so stinkin' cute!
Uncle Mark with Sadie and Mya!

2nd long awaited indulgance, Strawberries! They dont even have mold on them! AND it was 2 boxes for $5.00! WAHOOOOOOOO.
Marko and I excited to be back home for awhile, and enjoying the Seattle Chill Sunshine!
Julie and Mya, Suz and Trent.
Today, Saturday, I got to cuddle up with our newest added family member, Trent Daniel. He was born March 28th, so he is only 2 months old. We met him yesterday for the first time too! Oh and is he adorable.... Today we got the chance to bond, cuddle and nap... I could do that forever!

Trent Daniel, now known to Uncle Mark and Aunt Brittany as Mr. T.
Tomorrow is Sunday, which is weird, it really should be Saturday for us, and we are obviously still a little messed up from the time change, but we are loving being home... Tomorrow we head to church, and the whole Sawyer family will be there to see Little Miss Mya Papaya dedicated.... what a sweet moment!
Then on Monday it is "Take me out to the Ball Game!" with the Sawyer family! Mariners, here we Come!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1....TAKE OFF!

Well, today was our last day on our beautiful island of Saipan for 2 months (brit) and 3 months (mark)... So today we took it for what we could...
Mark began the day biking with jake, and that included a reck =) Scratches and bruises to be seen in seattle.. =)
Finished up in our classrooms, and cleaned the house...

I went for a Ladies afternoon of Pedi's and Tat's! What a blast! A great way to spend the afternoon....
Amanda's "Dead Fish"
Sandy's Sweet Butterfly....

Jackies Shooting Starts....Terry's Sweet Flower....
Andrea's Black Sparrow...My Orchid....The girlies showing off their Tattoos!
and our beautiful Pedi's!

Then we hit up the street market for dinner...

Now at home 90% packed up and ready to board the plane....

and in about 10 min. going to meet some friends for drinks and pool!

So for those of you in the continental US.... we fly out in 11 hours and cant wait to see you!

So until we are in the states,

This is Mark and Brittany Sawyer Signing off in Saipan....

next stop.... Idaho/Washington for two months!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Last 2 weeks of the 08-09 School Year....

School is out for the summer! Wahoooo! And about time. I think since school got out on Friday Mark and I have both slept atleast 9 hours a night, plus 2-3 hour naps each day =). AND we have good reason. The last few weeks of school are finally finished and were they jam packed with events..... here is a little run down of the last two weeks..... starting from the most recent....

On the last day of school, that evening, the Staff got together for an end of the year staff party, and was it a hoot! from Dancing, to singing, to skits, to games, it was a great night, just to hang out together as friends, not just staff, be able to laugh, eat, and just hang out!
Marky and I....
Esther (sub-teacher), Merci (Businss Manager & mom of one of my kiddo's), Me, and Fellie (Teachers Aide).

Mo-town is back.... Debbie Flores (2nd Grade), Debbie Winkfield (Art, Bible & Uke), Tamiko Winkfield (5th Grade), and Bobby Winkfield (Principle).

Last Day of School! Hanging out at carline with my kiddo's. Daniel and I.
Sophia, Kento, and I.
Ryosei (Toda-boy) and I.
The SCS Staff at the 8th Grade Graduation.
Mark and I with our adopted son, James Ko, who was an 8th grade grad! Congrats Son!
To raise money for the Junior High Lockers there was a fundraiser where kids had to guess how many prizes were in a jar... This is Nichol Lu and he won with the closest guesstimate... one of the prizes was a pie in the face for Mr. Sawyer... The best part is were were counting down from 10 to 1 for him to smash that pie, and all we said was 10.... 9..... 8.... and then he did it! Totally unexpected... but as usual, my sweet hubby was a great sport and just laughed as whip cream came out his nose =)
10...... 9.......8........ SMACK!

Field Day 2009! The teams were made up of one or two students from every grade level.. and my team won! Congrats Team Camera!
One of the teams with their completed sand castle... this was the station i was assigned too... not a bad place to hang out on a school day =)

With the school year coming to an end, that meant tutoring was over also, which was nice relief, but to celebrate, Mark and I took my 4 3rd graders out for a treat at McD's.... Mark and Julie.

Me, Dominic, Isaac, Daniel and Julie... What a group!

The Last reading buddies of the year.... kindergarten and 3rd Grade.... party time! Me with Min, Yun, Jayson and Isaac....
Well, with that we are done... now we have one teacher workday to complete, cleaning an apartment to get done, packing to do, and a flight to hop on! We fly out Friday morning at 8am and will soon be joining the rest of the Sawyer Family in Freezing cold Seattle! We cant wait.... 4 days!

Monday, May 11, 2009

As Promised...

In one of my earlier post's I talked about the Flame Tree Festival and promised to get some good pictures up of the flame trees on island... so as promised, here they are... I just took these today off the balcony of our apartment... we live in simple beauty!

We are now House-Renters!

Back in April when Mom and Dad Oliver were here to visit Mark and I stumbled across a quaint little island home on the south end of the island... after making a few phone calls we were able to go and look at this little place, and with in the week, we had signed a lease starting August of 09!

We are so excited to have a place of our own while living on Saipan, a place to call home, to entertain in, and make our own!

We will be moving in August. Well I will be, as far as painting and cleaning, etc... but once Mark arrives back on island at the end of August, we will be fully moved in!

It is just a tiny two-bedroom, 1-bath home, but a good size just for the two of us. It has a great sized yard, in a safe neighborhood, and delicious fruits in the yard (mangos, coconut, banana) and a great cross breeze! So excited! Come visit! More pictures will be up in Aug. once we are all settled!

Front View of the house... Kitchen, one bedroom and dinning area view from living room.
Side View....

A Mother's Day Bike Ride...

On Sunday, Mark and I enjoyed a later afternoon bike ride together on the north end of the island. The ride ended up being about 9 miles and was it all worth it. It was a beautiful day for it! We started off at the Last command post, did a back trail to the Grotto, on the Bird island, back, then the cow town trail to Bonzai Cliff and back to the car at The Last Command Post! This is why we love living here... look at how beautiful it is!

Road to Bird Island...
Mark and I at Bird Island...
At the End of the Ride, we were met with a beautiful Sunset at Bonzai Cliff... ahhhh Saipan Sunsets... nothing can get better!
Julie and Rob, we kept thinking about you... ready to come visit and go for some rides?

Girls, Spa, Gossip, What could be better?

On Satuday while Mark took the 8th grade SCS boys out for a hike and snorkeling, Jen, Jackie and I hit up Mandi Spa for a relaxing afternoon! It was so much fun hanging out with the two of you... I am so happy you two are sticking around next year! Can't wait to do this again....

Marriage Encounter- STEPS Group BBQ.

On Friday night, we were blessed by our Friends Scott and Lorraine, who hosted our last official get-to-gether as a step's group before some move off island, and some of us leave for the summer. It has been such a blessing getting to know these beautiful couples and their families... We are going to truly miss them and our weekly meetings... Thank you guys for your love and support, and friendship!

I Like Banana's, I know that Mango's are Sweet!

It's Mango Season here on island, and has it been delicious!

We have been blessed with a bounty of Mango's and have enjoyed it! We have cut and frozen most of the mango's we have recieved and have enjoyed many mango smoothies!