Friday, April 29, 2011

April 30, 2010 (Saipan Time)

12:15 am, have to PEEEE! Sat up to go to the bathroom, but right as I sat up, I realized that was not me going to the bathroom... MY WATER BROKE! Woke Mark up... he asked me if he had time to make a sandwich. I responded not very nicely... Contractions coming every 2 minutes.... I don't think so... got dressed and headed to the hospital. Arrived at 12:50 am and started pushing right away.... It was the best morning of my life... 2:56 am. Hatley Elizabeth Sawyer was born... weighing 5 pounds, 6 ounces, and 18 inches long!

We love you Hatley Elizabeth, and couldn't be prouder to be your parents! You are such a joy in our life and our life would not be the same without you! I love your giggles, I love your smiles... We love you.
Thanks for making such a dramatic entrance into our lives, we should have know from the beginning there would be drama with you =) But you are Ooohhhhh so worth the drama!

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl, Saipan time!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

April 29, 2010 (Saipan Time)

6 am the doctor comes back to check on me... Contractions have STOPPED! Doctor says I am 6cm dilated, but since I wasn't having contractions, he was going to send me home. If nothing happens come to the doctors office tomorrow... 9 am... finally get to go home to my bed.

We slept from 10am until 4 pm... got up showered, did my hair, watched some TV, went grocery shopping in order to have some food at the hospital to snack on; that's if she ever came. Picked up some Pizza. Watched some more TV. went to bed about 10 pm...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April 28, 2010 (Saipan Time)

Its 1:15 am and I wake up to a contraction. I headed to the couch so that Mark could get some sleep... about 30 minutes into it, I call my BFF Kara back in the states because it is was still just evening... we talked for about an hour, in between contractions. We hang up and I finally fall back asleep. 4 am rolls around and I finally wake Mark up.

We head to the hospital where they admit me and hook me up to a fetal monitor and heart rate monitor... Mark and I watch Chuck Norris and Law and order inbetween contractions. They finally make me get up and walk around... for a good 3 or so hours.. finally I crawl back in bed... 3pm rolls around and my dear friend Jen brings me a delicious Chocolate Milk Shake... so good I wouldn't share it with Mark. More TV, sleeping, walking... even some card playing. 7pm Rolls around they decide to try some pitocin... they said hopefully it will speed things up and let me get some rest too... I slept for a good 3 hours or so... Called families, gave them an update, talked to mom... slept some more... contractions begin to slow down....


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 27, 2010 (Saipan Time)

On April 27, 2010, Mark and I went in for my routine weekly appointment. This week I was 37 weeks. I was feeling fine, tired and ready to meet our little girl, but knew she would probably be late so I wasn't stressing... I had had some slight cramping, but didn't think of anything because I had had it throughout my whole pregnancy... 

After Dr. Lamar examined me, he asked me if this was really my first pregnancy.. with a puzzeled face and a laugh I told him I was sure... he then proceded to tell me that I was 3 cm. dilated and having contractions! Yah right I said. So he hooked me up to a monitor, and sure enough I was having contractions... 

Needless to say, he told me that if nothing happened that night to come back tomorrow for another check up, and to get my substitute ready at school...

 37 week table. so Gross. not the belly, the food.
At the doctors office hooked up to a monitor to see if I was really having contractions...

More of the story to come tomorrow....

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from the Sawyer Family! He is Risen, He is Risen Indeed! 
Hatley was sure excited about her new puzzle she got in her Easter Basket! It must have tasted delicious! =)
Happy Girl on Easter Morning!
Our Family on Easter Sunday at Church!

We pray you each had a blessed Easter with family and friends in Celebrating Christ's Resurrection! We had a wonderful day with family and friends at church and thanking him for such a tremendous sacrafice!

Then off the Pullman we went to have a beautiful Easter dinner with our family! It was Yummy! And so great to have most of the Sawyer family together!  Oh and below is a video of what Hatley did to surprise us all during dinner =) Good thing we had been keeping an eye out on our girl!

She is growing up WAY to quick!

Hatley Mastering the Stairs.. we are in trouble!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

April so far...

One tired girl at dinner time...

Hatley's new favorite thing to do when Mommy & Daddy are not watching, and they also forget to close the bathroom door.

A Pretty girl ready for Sunday breakfast and church!

My loves on Sunday morning.

Papa & Nana (Brit's parents) came to visit for a weekend. Hatley sure does love wrestling with her papa...

I think Papa likes it too!

It was 58 degrees here today. Spring just may show up this year on the Palouse!
Daddy had to calm Hatley down one night because of her darn two front teeth coming... Mama wondered why it was so quite in her room =)

Tuesdays, once a month, are Taco Tuesdays for the Sawyer family! We get together with Marks sister Angela and her family, Marks parents and us for Taco Tuesdays Dinner! Then we play for awhile after... just so happens this particular Tuesday we went and played on the school playground, and Cousin Allison thought she needed a lift home too. Cousin Hatley sure didn't mind either!

My first pony tail! Daddy didnt like it, he thought it was too goofy looking!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Our Sweet "little" Hatley

Last November Mark, myself and our sweet girl went to visit Marks sister Julie, her husband Rob, and sweet cousin Mya.

Hatley is almost a year old (9 days to go!) and it is so sweet for me to be able to look back and watch this movie. Hatley still looks the same in this movie, however, there is something missing.... OH YAH! Her MOVING! She is a sweet little girl, but MOVES constantly! not like this movie =).

Today she discovered that it is okay to stand all by herself... without holding anything.... will she walk before her first birthday? We will see... but mama is just fine the way that she is...

Enjoy our sweet Hatley video, and enjoy the loveable giggles!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

February & March Replay...

I apologize for the long post... but here is our February and March in a very brief replay...
Shai Ann & Shyra
In February, 20 women all went out to celebrate one thing, my friend TRICIA! It was her surprise bachelorette party that Shyra and I planned and it went off better then we could have planned it! It was so much fun! We had 20 women show up! Tricia and Robby got Married on March 5! Congratualtions to the Johnson family and thank you for giving me the honor to be a part of it!
Darlene (Tricia's Mom), Nicole, and Brenda

Tina, Teresa, and the Bride to be Tricia!

Shyra, Tricia and I. Thanks Tricia for getting married and giving us a reason to play! hehe!

ALL 7 grandkids! Craziness, pure Craziness.
 In March we also got to see Mark's middle - older sister, Julie and her family =) He is the only boy with three older sisters... Its always a fun time for the Sawyer family to get together! There are now 7 grandchildren (the reason we were all together, was Mark's sister Suzanne, had just had a little boy Miles)... Come to find out a week after Julie was here visiting, she is expecting again too! We will be welcoming another GIRL into the family at the end of August!
Auntie Brittany and her newest nephew Miles!

Grandpa John, Uncle Mark, and Nephew/Grandson Miles.

I don't think Mark likes Miles at all =)

Hatley LOVED all the cousin and family time! Loving on her Uncle Rob in this photo.

 At the end of February and March we had two huge, well not huge, but big (they felt HUGE after living on Saipan for two years) snowstorms... Mark and I took advantage of a sunny afternoon to get outside and introduce Hatley to sledding. She was a trooper!

Sledding on the Farm!

 One evening after Hatley was sound asleep Mark and I took some time to play just the two of us... and since there was so much snow outside and we hadn't really played in the snow since moving to Saipan, we went and played! We built snowmen in our from yard until 11:30 pm! granted we did start at about 10:30 pm =) But I sure did love my snowman family!

A first... this time last year we were writing our names in the white sand!
 In February Hatley turned 9 months old, and in March 10 months old! I can't believe how quickly she has grown! She will be ONE before we know it! She is now cruising around the house, and has been since the beginning of February... she holds on to anything and anyone that will keep her up! 

H has a special cupboard she can get in... and she loves it... Mommy especially loves cleaning up all the tupperwear about 5 times a day =)

Say Cheese! Her new Cheesy smile!

One afternoon I went into H's room to check on her during nap time, and this is how I found her...

Do you think she was tuckered out?

 In March the weather was so on and off, and still is now that we are in April... one day its sunny, the next rainy, the next snowing, the next sunny! So.... On one of those sunny days, Mommy and Hatley took advantage of it and went down to the Palouse Park to play! We love how much Hatley LOVES being outside! Can't wait for summer!

Another Cheese! Look at those two front teeth! She got those the day after Christmas... now we are waiting on her two top to pop through.. maybe they will hold out until her 1st birthday ....    

Life is good and busy here in the Sawyer House... and Hatley keeps us on our toes!

Keep posted I am going to try and figure out how to get some videos up here!

A January Replay...

I haven't been very good about updating our blog about our family for one main reason... my computer is junk. For the last few months or so it would constantly start up and within seconds of my doing anything, randomly shut down. So I gave up and was using Marks when he wasn't on it... which was okay, but didn't want to put our pictures on his computer cause his was acting up... So long story short, I have followed Mark and entered into the Mac world (used of course), and am now just caught up on uploading all the pictures off of my cameras and organizing them on my new macbook! So I'll give you a quick replay of our January... 

Besides catching up and resting up after the Christmas season, we had something else to celebrate! Mark turned 28! I was so excited to give him his gift this year... For those of you who were at church the Sunday before his birthday heard the story of his blender that he bought, and for those of you on Saipan, most of you probably heard it... but for those of you who haven't... long story short, in college Mark thought he was getting his great deal off of EBAY for a blender... needless to say when it showed up it was only the base and not the pitcher... so when we got married we bought a pitcher for it, and it was horrible... so we hardly used it... when we moved back to the states this summer I made him leave the Blender and HORRIBLE pitcher in Saipan... he was heart broken.... and complained all the way up to his birthday about not having a blender.... So here was his Birthday present...

 Needless to say, he was quite excited... However, I have only seen him use it twice since his Birthday =) I love you Mark!
 For Marks Birthday Party most of Marks family and my family got together up at my parents in Spokane and celebrated by going to a Chief's Hockey game! Hatley LOVED all the sounds and lights, but by the end was a pooped little girl! Isn't her outfit sooooooo cute? =)
 Such a big girl, and totally chill =) Not so much anymore. Love the foot resting on the arm of the chair.

 Marks parents Betty and John, and my Dad Garry.
 Hatley also got to meet Boomer! We love Hockey! That was one of the highlights of our Honeymoon in Banff, Canada... we sat in pubs and watched Hockey!
 We are still trying to get Hatley swimming on a regular basis! She is still a fish, except she now HATES laying on her back... any suggestions?

 Hatley LOVES her Uncle Andy... I think he feel's the same way too =) So glad she has family that loves her SOOOOOOOOOOO stinkin' much!

 In January Hatley turned 8 months old.. and she started trying to crawl, which was a huge surprise to us... As her Grandpa John noticed, she hated being on her belly in any way, shape, or form and we never thought she'd crawl... well now at 11 months she is a speed demon on those little sweet chubby bruised knees.
 Hatley also got SICK! and I don't mean just a little sick... I'll keep the bodily fluid stories to myself, but our poor girl had the flu for about 8 days! She was sick for about 3 days, then fine for about two and then down for the count again for another 3 or 4 days... so glad that time is over... However the one part Mark and I enjoyed best about this time, and doesn't happen very often was the cuddling... we have a wiggle worm on our hands!

 Just Fine and dandy for a day or two........................................................ and then... it hit again......
Stay tuned for a brief replay of February and March coming soon! And then hopefully I'll be caught up and can stay caught up! =)