Wednesday, April 13, 2011

February & March Replay...

I apologize for the long post... but here is our February and March in a very brief replay...
Shai Ann & Shyra
In February, 20 women all went out to celebrate one thing, my friend TRICIA! It was her surprise bachelorette party that Shyra and I planned and it went off better then we could have planned it! It was so much fun! We had 20 women show up! Tricia and Robby got Married on March 5! Congratualtions to the Johnson family and thank you for giving me the honor to be a part of it!
Darlene (Tricia's Mom), Nicole, and Brenda

Tina, Teresa, and the Bride to be Tricia!

Shyra, Tricia and I. Thanks Tricia for getting married and giving us a reason to play! hehe!

ALL 7 grandkids! Craziness, pure Craziness.
 In March we also got to see Mark's middle - older sister, Julie and her family =) He is the only boy with three older sisters... Its always a fun time for the Sawyer family to get together! There are now 7 grandchildren (the reason we were all together, was Mark's sister Suzanne, had just had a little boy Miles)... Come to find out a week after Julie was here visiting, she is expecting again too! We will be welcoming another GIRL into the family at the end of August!
Auntie Brittany and her newest nephew Miles!

Grandpa John, Uncle Mark, and Nephew/Grandson Miles.

I don't think Mark likes Miles at all =)

Hatley LOVED all the cousin and family time! Loving on her Uncle Rob in this photo.

 At the end of February and March we had two huge, well not huge, but big (they felt HUGE after living on Saipan for two years) snowstorms... Mark and I took advantage of a sunny afternoon to get outside and introduce Hatley to sledding. She was a trooper!

Sledding on the Farm!

 One evening after Hatley was sound asleep Mark and I took some time to play just the two of us... and since there was so much snow outside and we hadn't really played in the snow since moving to Saipan, we went and played! We built snowmen in our from yard until 11:30 pm! granted we did start at about 10:30 pm =) But I sure did love my snowman family!

A first... this time last year we were writing our names in the white sand!
 In February Hatley turned 9 months old, and in March 10 months old! I can't believe how quickly she has grown! She will be ONE before we know it! She is now cruising around the house, and has been since the beginning of February... she holds on to anything and anyone that will keep her up! 

H has a special cupboard she can get in... and she loves it... Mommy especially loves cleaning up all the tupperwear about 5 times a day =)

Say Cheese! Her new Cheesy smile!

One afternoon I went into H's room to check on her during nap time, and this is how I found her...

Do you think she was tuckered out?

 In March the weather was so on and off, and still is now that we are in April... one day its sunny, the next rainy, the next snowing, the next sunny! So.... On one of those sunny days, Mommy and Hatley took advantage of it and went down to the Palouse Park to play! We love how much Hatley LOVES being outside! Can't wait for summer!

Another Cheese! Look at those two front teeth! She got those the day after Christmas... now we are waiting on her two top to pop through.. maybe they will hold out until her 1st birthday ....    

Life is good and busy here in the Sawyer House... and Hatley keeps us on our toes!

Keep posted I am going to try and figure out how to get some videos up here!

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