Monday, January 25, 2010

Must be a RED head...

Yesterday Mark and I had our 24 week appointment to check on Coconut. She measured a little small, 23 weeks, but our doctor said it was nothing to worry about. She was kind of a pill though throughout the whole appointment, Coco, not our doctor. Coco decided that either she wanted to have some fun, or just that she didn't like the doppler when they were pressing on my tummy to find and listen to her heart beat. Every time we found the heartbeat little one decided to move... after a few minutes she must have gotten really excited or frustrated, and decided to kick the doppler, and it was visible. Our doctor, Mark and I, just sat there watching this little doppler get popped up into the air 3 or 4 times... needless to say we stopped and so did she. She did give us quite a laugh =).

After that they decided to do another ultrasound, just to make sure 100% that she was a girl, and I was thankful that they did, I have been having dreams that she is really a boy... But needless to say she is definitely a girl =) BUT, it took us some time to figure that out, because.... She decided she didn't like the doppler again, poking and pushing on mommy's tummy. SO, she continued to kick it, and move away and wiggle. The entire ultrasound she didn't show her face, her favorite position we have noticed is laying upside down with her face hidden towards my back =( Little turd. Anyway, we did get some great detailed shots of our little one!

I go back next week for my glucose sugar testing, which I am not to excited about, but I am glad to be getting it over and done with. Just pray for normal results =). Then I go back on February 16th for my 28 week appointment. At this appointment, I am going to get poked with needles, due to my blood type. I am blood type A-, and if the baby is to have positive blood type, due to Marks being a positive, if there were any complications during delivery, the baby or I or both, could be affected by eachothers blood, causeing an infection. So to be on the safe side, they do this shot to keep both baby and I safe. I am not a big fan of needles, but I will live.
Time is certainly flying by... We have about 15 weeks to go...
This is my friend Crystal who is 33 weeks along =) She is looking mighty cute, and also expecting a little girl! Me headed to church last Sunday... 24.2 weeks along.
My friend Kristina, who is actually due tomorrow! She is now 39 weeks and 6 days! Hopefully soon we will be meeting her little man!

The pictures are a little blurry, as I am taking a picture of a picture, but the picture on the Left is our little one's knee, you can see where they wrote on the photo. The picture on the right is her little ity bity foot! It has it's toes pointing toward the left. The picture on the left is little one's arm and shoulder bone, and the photo on the right is a view of her head from the top looking down... You can see two black dots, those are her eyes and the black line going between the black dots is the ridge line of her nose. Her Oh so bony spine. And yes her little lady parts... there is nothing there boys! Here comes another little Sawyer girl!

Thanks for you continued prayers for this little one, her parents and health for all. We have been so blessed.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January 21, 1983...

Just wanted to say a quick HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Love of my life... 
Mark turned 27 years old today, and for the last few weeks, all I have heard is, "I don't want to turn 27, it sounds so old...." So this morning, I asked him how he felt about being 27, and his response....."27 is okay, I am just scared to turn 28, it sounds soooooo old." Guess he will never win =) Either way....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARK ANDREW! I am so proud of you and am excited to share another year of life with you, and a special aspect to your 27th year is....You become a dad, and I can't wait to watch you and our little girl! 

Saturday, January 16, 2010

"I told you so...."

So as some of you have heard from my facebook status that Mark took a little spill yesterday on his mountain bike... Well here is my side of the story...
Mark wanted to go biking because he is training for a triathalon that will take place in March... and I was okay with it, but I did say..."Are you sure you want to go? It's been raining and the coral roads are pretty slick..?" "No, I am okay he said, I'll be good..." Was he good? No. About 30 minutes after he had left he pulled up in front of the house on his bike, which kinda confused me, because usually he is gone for about 2 hours... so I walked outside and had one look and this is what I saw.....

First reaction, "Mark! Are you okay? What happened? Get inside so we can clean you up...!" Second reaction.... "I told you so....."

Mark is doing pretty well, he only had a slight headache but it was his face that took most of it... this morning he woke up and looked at me and I couldn't help by laugh histarically, his lip was HUGE! But all is well, it is healing, and he will have some scarring, and a pretty lame story to go with it =) hehe.

Mark's Version of the story:

first off, there is nothing lame about mountain biking and scars... but I will admit my story isn't that cool. I was just going too fast on a wet paved road (made from coral) and wet coral conditions can be similar to driving on ice (whether you are in a car or I quickly found out, on a bicycle) So the scoop is I tried to cut a corner at a 90 degree intersection to keep up my speed and my bicycle didn't keep it's traction and my face felt it would soften the blow to the rest of my body by hitting the ground first.

As I sat up and assessed the damage I had a handful of blood from my face, but once I cleaned it up with my super organized bicycle pouch of toilet paper and bandaides, I started to continue on my trip... once I noticed how much my eye was starting to swell I decided to turn back and head home (just incase it swelled shut)... in the end it turned out being just a flesh wound and I should have kept riding....

Brittany: See, I told you it was lame. But, I am glad he came home and we were able to clean him up =)
Mark this morning...

Holy Crop, It's a Blog Hop!

Mark and I couldn't be prouder of Mark's Sister Angela and her design talent! She has amazing talent, and if you have seen the local Saipan Wyld Life T-shirts, she is the one who's artistic abilities made them possible!
But the exciting part is, this last spring I believe it was, Angela was looking through "Creating Keepsakes" and was inspired by one particular layout.... well after messing around getting it the way she liked it, Angela had created her own layout using the ideas from the layout she was looking at... Anyway, long story short, Angela ended up submitting her layout to the same magazine and it was published in the 2010 February Issue, in Stores now! It features our sweet little niece Mya who most of you know from your prayers! By the way, Mya is doing fantastic and is gaining such a personality! We can't wait to spend some time with her this summer!

Here is the layout of our sweet little Mya when she was just a month or so old... and the inspiring layout next to it, in the magazine!

Because of this awesome experience, the local scrapbooking store in Pullman, Washington, where I LOVE LOVE LOVE to shop, is doing a blog hop! You can check out the exact details about it on their blog if you are interested or want to participate!

Now, Angela, I am not posting this just because of the awesome prizes, but also because We (meaning your brother and I) want you to know we are very proud of you and think you have an amazing talent, and we are pretty lucky to call you a sister too =)

We love you and hope to see you in May!


M, B, and your niece Coconut....

Friday, January 8, 2010

Coco is Growing!

Yesterday we hit 22 weeks! Coconut is roughly 1 pound and 8 inches long, about the length and weight of a football! She loves music, and daddy reading to her! She if definatly a wiggeler. It was pretty exciting the other night, Mark was reading to her and she started to move, and until then Mark hadn't felt her move yet, but he layed his hand on my belly and felt her! She was kind enough to do it 2 more times, just so he was sure! It was pretty sweet to watch Mark melt... She definatly has him wrapped around her little finger already!

Well Grandma Judy and Grandpa Garry have been asking how she is growing, so to show you, here are some pictures of my growing belly... I haven't had a picture taken since we got home from our Australia trip, but here are some pictures in the last few weeks. And mind you, the belly size changes from hour to hour throughout the day, depending on what I have eaten, and how much I have eaten =)



This will probably be the last time any photos of my in a swim suit will be taken until after little one is born =)

A Holiday Down Under...

For the Christmas Holiday Mark and I were able to take a trip of a lifetime to visit Marks great Aunt Betty in Australia! And what a trip it was! We spent the first 7 days, including Christmas Eve and Day with Aunt Betty in her home in Runaway Bay, Queensland... We also spent a few days with her niece Trish and her husband Ray. The last three days of our vacation, Mark and I took a trip to the northern point of Queensland and spent 3 wonderful days just the two of us in Cairns. We were so blessed with all the different experiences we had... If you ever get a chance to visit Australia, we totally recommened it! The people were so friendly, there is so much culture and the country is simply beautiful!

One day in Cairns, we took at Crocodile tour in the Daintree Forest... 45 minutes on a boat, on a beautiful rainforest river... we only saw two little guys, but it was a pretty cool experience. After the croc tour, we headed back towards Cairns, but made an afternoon stop at Hartley's Crocodile Farm. At one point Crocodiles were going extinct because of poaching for their skin, so people began to "farm" them...something we should look into Farmer John. Needless to say, poaching has decreased because the farms have made it easier for people to get croc skin... So now their are many more left in the wild. At Hartleys, they also had a little tour boat which we took around, this is one of the crocs lying on the side of the bank... Wouldn't want to get in a fight with him, thats for sure.

The downer part about Cairns is that there is no true place for swimming. So if you want a vacation full of beach lounging, don't go to cairns. BUT they did have a lagoon built in the downtown that is free to the public. It was clean water, life guards watching and pretty awesome. We spent 1 afternoon there and the evening before we flew out. It is open until 10pm during the summer hours and has really nice shower halls for free! Pretty sweet place to bring the kiddos.

Down on the Gold Coast, our last day, Trish and Ray took us to Brisbane and we hopped on a city taxi, which is really a taxi that takes people down the brisbane river, but many people use this as their daily commute... It was pretty cool, a cheap tourist attraction, and a great way to see down town brisbane.
Myself and Coco, Mark and Aunt Betty in downtown Brisbane.
One day with Aunt Betty, we took a long afternoon/evening drive and drove south of Runaway Bay to another near rainforest that was known for all of their lookouts. I think we hit up 6 of them,it was pretty amazing and they had some beautiful views... We even saw aboout 50 wild wallabies (a type of Kangaroo). This picture Mark and I are looking out over Surfers Paradise.

On the second day of being on the Gold Coast Aunt Betty told us to take a day for the two of us and go play... so we did! We spent a little time on the beach in Surfer's Paradise, the sand was sooooooo soft, and beautiful... But the water was FREEEZING! We weren't in Saipan anymore. We could hardly get our toes in without screaming like little girls =)
Brit, Coconut, Paula, and Mark.... Notice the handplacements of the Koala, bad Koala.
On the same day that Aunt Betty told us to go play, we went to Curumbin Wildlife Sanctuary... I had never been to the zoo in my life so we thought this would be a great place to do! Unbeknownst to us, This wasn't just your typical zoo. Here you could touch and pet alot of the animals! We saw dingos, koalas, kangaroos, wombats, tazmanian devils, emus, snakes, crocs, birds, etc.. I think this day was one of our highlights! The Kangaroos were amazing and so soft and gentle (but out in the wild it is a different story)... Our favorite animal by far was the Koalas, yes I took about 75 pictures of them =). We even got a professional picture taken with them! We tried finding a stuffed Koala to bring home for Coconut, but for a little tiny one, they wanted like $25... so we said we will just have to bring her back here someday so she can hold one herself...
This was a great time to see Aunt Betty and spend some quality time with here. She is doing so well, and is still on top of it! We Miss her, and wish she were closer the the Sawyer's in the states, but, we recommened you go visit her! She is also making small talk about trying to get to the states once more =). Thanks Aunt Betty, Mom and Dad Oliver/Sawyer for making this trip possible... It was amazing and we are so glad we had this opportunity!
To check out all 710 (yes, I said 710) photos, you can click on the link on the right of this blog called a snapshot into Mark and Brittany's Wonderful life and take a look! Can't wait to get scrapbooking this awesome adventure!
So Long Mates!

Monday, January 4, 2010

And the Verdict is in....

Our little Coconut is a GIRL!

Hi My name is Coconut, well Mommy calls me Coco now, and Daddy calls me Cocononuts... hehe. Today Mommy and Daddy went to see Dr. Roca and she told them that I am growing just great! I am the right size, Mommy has gained just the right amount of weight, my heart beat is normal, and the umbilical cord isn't causing any problems!

However, during the ultra sound I was a bit a of pill. Mommy had to cough, turn side to side, etc... just to get me to move.... I had been moving all day before the doctors appointment... hehe. But after about 20 minutes of them pushing me and poking me, I gave them just enough of a pick to know that in May they will be holding me! Their sweet baby girl!

They are pretty excited as far as I can hear from in here! Daddy says I give him a good excuse to get a new gun collection, and Mommy just shook her head...

Today has been a pretty good day! After the doctor's appointment, we went home and Mommy and Daddy opened Christmas gifts from Aunt Sara, Aunt Angela and my cousins Sadie, Allison and Grant, and from Grandma and Grandpa Sawyer... Thank you for the bottles, the sweet onesies, the blankets, and feeding goodies! I am sure they will all come to great use! Especially the diapers, and mommy and daddy loved the drawings on each one! It was very fun for them to open!

Well, I am kicking mom again, and I can tell she is tired, so I better get going and let her get some rest... But I did want to introduce myself and tell you that I am a GIRL!

See you in May!

PS: Mommy said she will update the blog soon with pictures from our amazing family Christmas trip to Australia! And then you can see how big I am growing....