Wednesday, July 28, 2010

3 Months, ALREADY!?

 On July 30, our little sweet-pea will be 3 months old! And the time has flown by way to fast! I can't believe it! She is such a joy and so much fun to be with! She smiles all the time, she loves to cooo, and is just a sweet baby ( dont get me wrong we do have our moments.hehe.) Mommy and Daddy are certainly in LOVE!

Here are some of her 3 month shots taken, by her Auntie Angela (remember Ang took Hatley's baby pictures on Saipan too!) Thank you Angela for taken her shots and giving us something to remember this stage! And Hat, Thank you for being so darn cute!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Well alot has happened since my last post. A LOT. My last post was written on a beautiful island called Saipan, in the south pacific... This post, is being written on a beautiful farm, known as Sawyer Farm, in the Gorgeous Palouse hills, in Idaho... We are home...

Mark and I made the big move at the end of June from our beautiful island home, back to the Palouse. It has been a blessing since the day we landed. We have been blessed with so much family time, a great job for mark, a quaint and cute home in Palouse Washington, and all the things we dreamed about while on Saipan... Though I am sure soon we will be dreaming of Saipan sometime soon too.
Since we have been home we have been able to spend a weekend with the whole family at Priest Lake for 3 days, a wonderful family reunion at Marks sister's home for the 4th of July weekend, Farmers Markets, country drives, moving into our new home (which has been a slow process), eating at our fav. resturants, twlight with Angela my sister in law, Family walks in the town of Palouse,Shopping in real stores, not online... etc. We have done so much... And have enjoyed it all...

Life is settling down here, we are getting established... We have pretty much moved into our new home, we still have some boxes to dig through, Mark has begun his position as Associate Pastor at Palouse Federated Church, and Farming has started for the summer. Hatley and I have started getting into a routine, and this weekend we are excited for Auntie Kara and Nicole to come visit and meet Hatley!

It is good to be home.

Here are a few pictures from our time so far here on the Palouse, to check out more you can look at Facebook, or once I get some more time, I will eventually get them uploaded to our Shutterfly share site. =)

Until next time,
So Long from the Palouse!

The first Palouse Sunset from the back porch of our new home.

Hatley Loves her cousins Bumbo, may have to steal that!

The moving crew... thanks for all your help! Our home is almost out of boxes!

First day back in the states. I think Grandma and Grandpa Oliver are in love with little miss Hatley!

Grandpa Sawyer is enjoying his 6th grandbaby!

Moonlight at Priest Lake... What a beautiful weekend!

Uunt Suz and Cousin Trent on the boat, THANK YOU for a FABULOUS weekend at the lake!

Mark and Dad enjoying a ride! We may have to invest, or once again steal. =)

Uncle Mark and Trentster on the boat...

Just a little Sawyer Crazy.

Hat loves her new shades from Grandpa Garry!

Mom & Dad enjoying the lake too!

After months and months of talking about us playing again, Suz and I are together!

Hatley loves her new sling! (Idea stolen from the Pierson's! hehe)

The Junior Sawyer family on a boat ride at Priest.

Palouse, Washington... Our new home, and look what is just around the corner from our house!

Hatley and Grandpa John Always making eachother smile!

Momma and the Roo at our Babyshower!

Uncle Rob playing with ALL the kiddo's at the 4th of July celebration!

Tryin to get a picture of some of the cousins, I think it was a little sunny!

Suz and Me. Oh how I have missed you!

A small church near the Holling home.

Three generations...