Thursday, June 14, 2007

School's Out for the Summer!

Palouse Falls, about 20 min from our home in Kahlotus.

An afternoon walking around Lake Coure D' Alene
Enjoying time with Sigma Chi's at our first wedding on nine for the summer.
Congratualtions Dallas & Sal! ( Matt Robson, Mark and I; they were Sigma Chi Pledge brothers)
Real Kahlotus living.. Sleeping in our tent in the front yard.
The Snake River, only 8 miles from our door... a nice place to get away and relax... notive Mark, he was enjoying it very much!

Well, it has finally come... SUMMER! I dont know about you, but Mark and I are certainly excited for it. Not that it is going to slow down, but it is certainly needed.

The last month or so has been lots of running and going... Mark was busy finishing up the last month at school with paperwork, finishing up projects, FFA conventions and banquets, etc. So it has been really nice to have him home more. The last month for me, I feel as though i havent been up to much of anything... but i have been, lots of substituting at different school districts, helping mark out with different projects, cleaning up the front and back yard, planting flowers... etc.

We have also been busy with wedding's, trips to spokane and potlatch, visiting the near by river for some down time, having our parents stop in and enjoying kahlotus days and the sites you wouldnt expect to be out in the middle of nowhere.... We even have slept in our tent for a few nights because our AC was out and it was hotter in the house then outside... 90 degrees inside, 85 outside... enjoy Kahlotus summers.... ugh!
As for this summer... Mark and i just got back from the farm yesterday after spending 5 days there while Mark's parents were out of town... We are now back in Kahlotus for the next two days and then we are headed out again. This Saturday we are headed to Antelope, Oregon for 5 days for a Young Life camp at Wild Horse Canyon... This time we arnt working, we are simply going for fun. Mark and I are loading up two suburbans full of high school students and luggage. Once there we will enjoy swimming, high ropes courses, hiking, and many more ativities that are going to allow us to act like high schoolers again! HORRAY!

Then the following week (Saturday the 23rd) the day after get back from Wild Horse Canyon, We are packing up again and taking a two and a half week road trip to beautiful Sunny Southern California... We are taking 4 days to get there; camping at 3 amazing camp grounds along the way, while taking side trips to the beach, red wood forest, and whatever else we can find.

Then once we hit southern California we will be staying with my Brother Tom, sister in law Pattie and nephew Aaron for about 5 -7 days; enjoying the LA area... we are sooooo looking forward to getting down there and just hanging out with no agenda... one day while there we get to enjoy a 3 hour train ride to celebrate Aarons 5th birthday.

Then the trip home will take about 3 days or so, this will again include camping, etc.
Thank you to everyone for our wedding gifts once again. The funding for this trip came from some of the cash we recieved from our wedding... we saved some of it on purpose to allow us to have another "honeymoon" when we hit the 6 month mark. And we are soooooo ready for it. We are so looking forward to being just the two of us...

Once we arrive home from that we are parting ways... Mark heads to Wenatchee for an Ag teachers conference and I am headed to Boise, Idaho to spend 3 days with my maid of honor, Kara... So excited.

Then we are on the farm for most of the rest of the summer... with weekend trips to weddings and the lake, etc.

Its going to be one quick & busy summer, but we are looking forward to every second of it!

We hope all of you are doing well and enjoying your summer also. Please fill us in on whats going on in your life and what you are going to be up too... If you are ever in the area (Potlatch, most likely) let us know and stop on in...
Mark & Brittany