Thursday, January 12, 2012

Christmas 2011

Christmas was crazy-busy for us as usual, but so worth every moment. We started off the celebrating with my parent's in Spokane, Christmas Eve and Christmas morning here at our home, and then finally Christmas afternoon and the day after at Sawyer farm!

Sadly to say my camera charger went missing just a few days before Christmas, so we didn't get many pictures taken... but enjoy what we've got!

We hope you enjoyed a Christ filled Christmas!
H in her new tutu dress for Grandma and Grandpa Sawyer, and new Converse tennies from Daddy.

Reading a Christmas book with cousin Kylie and Uncle Rob!
Like Father, Like Son.
Christmas morning at our house!
Nana and Papa you striked big with your Cupcake Kitchen! Thank you!
Christmas at Nana and Papa's in Spokane!
Her favorite Christmas friend... she played with him the whole Christmas season.
Undies! Merry Christmas Mark! =)
Passing out gifts to Nana, Papa, and Uncle Andy!
Thanks Uncle Andy for the Dora Doll, she is in love!
Thanks Papa for the bath and cuddling with me!

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