Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Into the Double Digit's... 99.

We have hit the double digit mark! Only 99 day's until we get to meet our little Cocononut's girl! 

This week it has really become a reality, that she is going to be here soon! Our friend Kristina, welcomed into the world a little boy, Landon Lewis, last Wednesday. He was a whooping 9 pounds, 6 ounces... but so sweet... We went to see them yesterday and just watching Mark with him, and talking to her about the hospital here on island, I realized, soon that will be us! YAY! 

Along with that, I also realized, we need to get ready, well at least start the process.... we are not doing much here on Saipan, since we will only be here for roughly a month and a half after little one is born, but I would like to do a little something in our bedroom to welcome her to our family! So... with that, we are getting little hangers to hang just a few of her sweet pieces of clothing on, but also, I am borrowing a sewing machine from a good friend, and with a trip to the fabric store, I am hoping I can get a quilt made in time to wrap her up in and bring her home.... 

This is my inspirational quilt, but I will be using different colors and patterns, those are yet to be determined =) 
We are so looking forward to meeting our little one! Only 99 days to go, and it is going to go by QUICK!

We love you our little Coconut girl! 

Mommy and Daddy. 

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