Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tropical Storm Update

These are some updated photos from 12pm and 1230pm... the storm is getting closer... if you look closely at the pictures you can see an island in the shape of a bear with its paws to the side, that is Saipan.... 

Today on our way to school, Mark and I were noticing that non of the public school students were standing and waiting for the buses..... needless to say, all public school & government offices have been closed until further notice... HOWEVER, the only school that is open on day like today is Saipan Community School.... So Mark is home getting our house even more ready for this storm to hit, and I am at school teaching Math, to all of my students who arrived on time. 

SCS will close once we are at a typhoon level two. As of now we are at a tropical storm level 1... next will be typhoon level 1, then level two. At that point my school will be closed and children sent home....

It is getting windier by the minute and we have had showers all day.... So we will see what will happen as the day goes on...

As most of you know the Navy has 4 ships that usually sit about 2 miles from our shores, well we noticed about 15 minutes ago, that they are gone, which means they are preparing for the typhoon also, getting the heck outta here.... and I just heard the courthouse has been closed and boarded up.... guess it is just now a waiting game, and until then I will just take it like a normal day, hanging out with my 21 third graders, who freak out every time it begins to rain =)

Pray for us, and we will keep you updated for as long as we can.

All our Love,
Mark and Brittany

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