Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"The Hills are Alive, with the Sound of Music!"

He has Risen! He has Risen Indeed!

What a blessed day to spend time with your closest friends and family, on a tropical island, on the highest point, with the sun rising in the distance, and singing praises to Christ! Why? Because HE LIVES!

Easter Sunday was a beautiful day! Mom, Dad, Mark and I woke up early to join in the Easter Sunrise service on Mt. Topachau at 6am, the highest point on the island... Our church family was joined by many other church families, and it was a beautiful sight to see. Pastor Greg gave a wonderful sermon, the sun rose up through the clouds off in the distance, and we sang beautiful praises! Needless to say, Dad didn't get off scotch free, it was his first Easter Sunday off in probably 40 years (ahhh the life of a pastor), but Pastor Greg was great at getting him included and having him pray for our service.... it was great seeing dad up there, praying on our island! It was a perfect way the thank Jesus and remind ourselves of what he did for us!
After the sunrise service, Mark and I drove Mom and Dad up the rest of the mountain to enjoy the view... being that mom is a little skeptical around heights she stayed near the bottom of stairway, but Mark, Dad and I climbed up the rest of the way and enjoyed the view... Dad was pretty much speechless. =). This part of the island you can see all side of it, north, south, east and west... not a bad sight.

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