Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe' with some Local Entertainment...

So today after we spent the day on the beaches, we hit up Mark's and my, well one of our favorite places to eat... and not because of the food, but because of the entertainment... John, Betty, can you guess?

Well if you guess the Hard Rock Cafe', you are right! We took Mom and Dad there, and Jake & Jackie joined us too!

Our favorite part of this dinner is Jerry, an amazing guitarist, and awesome singer, and once again he was there! Now this is where it gets fun, everytime we have been there, Jerry always tries to get Mark to get up on stage, play the guitar and give the resturant a quick show, and Mark always says no... but tonight he did it! He was a little timid, couldnt remember all the words to the songs he was playing, but he did great! My honey got a little but of star-dom! Hopefully soon i can get a quick video up of his musical debut... (technical difficulties are occuring at this time.)

Of course after he got off stage he began to remember all the words to the songs and thought of other songs he could play... but next time Jerry said... =).

I am so proud of you Marko! You did awesome, and who knows, maybe it will be both you and Jerry together up there, singing away to the Russian, Japanese, Korean and American tourists!

Looking mighty fine, i must say.... <3
Tomorrow is Managaha Island..... stay tuned...

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AngMomof3 said...

My brother rockin' it at the Hard Rock... that ROCKS! My brother is so cool.

Has Allison been tagging along with you?

Looks like your parents are having a great time!