Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Farm Fresh Produce & Fun Families!

Monday was a day full of hitting up the last souvinier shops, packing, and spending time together. But before the day was over, one of my students, Joseph, and his parents, Ricia and Joseph, invited us out to their family farm, Lifoifoi Farms... Not only do they have fresh fruits and veggies, but pigs of all sizes.... It was a great afternoon learning about the different locals fruits and veggies, along with seeing was a small process farm looks like and runs like... And it was beautiful! The Lifoifoi Family! Me, Mark, Little Joseph, Ricia and baby (due in aug.) and Joseph.

mmmmm fresh Pineapple!
"I Like Banana's, I know that Mango's are sweet, I like Papaya! But nothing can beat, the sweet love of God!"

My Dad and Joseph in the pig barn!


Sound asleep, and cuddely!
By the time we made it back to the car, Joesph's family had piled ton of papaya,green peppers, tomatoes, egg plant, string bean, onions... time to get cookin!

Thanks Lifoifoi Family! If ever need a work, call up on Mark, he'd love to come play!

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