Monday, August 4, 2008

We are now Residents of Saipan! Day #1:

We are here, we actually have been for a few days, but i am going to just catch you up on the first day, and then do more later. 

We arrived on our beautiful island on saturday Aug.1 at 1:10 Am, needless to say everything was dark when we arrived so there was not much for us to look at, but we were greeted by some of our fellow Saipan Community School staff; Jackie and Jake Van Dam who are teaching 1st grade and jr. high math and science, Joel Flenniken who is teaching PE and Health, and Bobby and Debbie Winkfield, Bobby is the principle and Debbie teaches religion, art and music. And when we arrived they gave us these beautiful flowered head dresses! 

When we finally arrived to SCS the first thing we did was found the box with all of our bedding, made our bed and crawled in. Jet Lag hasnt been too bad, but I am feeling quite sleepy tonight. 

The next morning I woke up at 6:00 am and it was like Christmas, i was sooo excited to unpack all of our boxes and make our apartment into a home, needless to say 4 hours later it was completed, for the most part. We are still waiting to find shelving for the bathroom to get the cludder our of there. Sometime soon =).  These are all before pictures, i will add the after ones soon. 

After getting settled Jake, Jackie, Joel, Mark  & I hopped into one of the other staffers cars and hit up some major things, Joeten, Ace, and Costco... We needed food, and other essential housing materials....

But the best part of the day was that afternoon, when we went down to the beach for the first time, white sand, blue water, and ohhhh the water was soooo warm! I am in love and i cant believe i only live 200 feet from it... Snorkling stories coming soon =). 

Well that was our first day on our tropical island, and the last few days have been packed full also. I will try and get you caught up to date tomorrow and add lots more pictures... 

Please keep your prayers up as we have begun setting up our classrooms, and adjusting to the heat and humidity... All is well here, and we hope all is well with you. 

M & B

Kitchen/Dinning Room, Front Door Before Unpacking
Guest Bedroom/ Office, before unpacking ( All of our boxes made it!)
Our Bedroom, before unpacking. 

Livingroom/ dinning room before unpacking. 
Front of our apartment, we are the top right corner.
View from Front Porch
Costco Hotdogs are a little bit more expensive, and dont come with a drink!
Mark and Head Dress
Our Beautiful Head Dresses
Us on our Beach, 200 feet from Home... and Warm! Love it!

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