Monday, August 25, 2008

Aug. 24, 2008 Another Sunday Afternoon Hike.

This past Sunday we are again invited to go out with our friend David from church. David is leaving Saipan in 1 month after living on the island for 16 years. David has been an amazing guild and has taken us to some amazing places... hopefully we will be able to take some of you to these awesome places! 

This last sunday we trekked to three different place. The first place we hiked to was Naftan Point. A place on the island where you can see all of our neighboring island Tinian. Tinian is the island where the Bombers took off in WWII. 

mark and I at Naftan Point... Jackie just so happened to be poking mark with a spear Jake had made. =)

Ninya, Me, Amanda and Jackie - the ladies of the hike at Naftan Point. Part of Tinian in the background. 

Our next part of the hike was to an old grotto that no longer had water in it....

The grotto from the look above. 
A look down into the grotto with the ocean in the way back. 
Our guild Dave and friend John inside the grotto.
Mark and I in the grotto with the water in the background (to sunny of a day to get the water in)

Our next part of the hike was to Boyscout beach... Mark enjoyed the scuba diving. But we were only there a few minutes until the tide began to rise. 
Mark at Boyscout beach.

Our last part of the hike was to the Coke bottle graveyard. This once was an american camping ground in WWII. Today you can now go back and dig up old ink bottles, medicine bottle and old coke bottles from WWII. You are lucky to find anything still in one piece.... but when you do it is very neat. I hope to go back and look for old medicine bottles. 
Part of an old coke bottle. The green ones are harder to find in tacked, the clear bottles are a little bit easier. 
Mark just so happened to find 3 clear bottles and one green bottle in tacked... the earliest date on one of the bottles was 1941 and the oldest 1945. You should have seen the years of mud pour out of them when we got them home and began cleaning them. They are still soaking.. but we have a green one!
Old coke bottle pieces.

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