Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hatley is 1 Month!

It has truely been awhile since I blogged about anything, but it has been a whirlwind of a month! My beautiful sister-in-law Angela has been visiting us on Saipan since last Wednesday and will be here until next Monday, so we have been busy busy showing Ang and Hatley around this beautiful island, so soon, I promise to write more about Ang's stay with us... and all the other things, such as school coming to a close, starting to say our goodbyes, and overall just life....

BUT, today Mark and I wanted to wish Hatley a HAPPY 1 MONTH BIRTHDAY!

Alot has happened in this month, but we have been soooo blessed with such an amazing little girl... who knew we could be so in love with someone other then eachother? Well we are!

Hatley had a doctor's appointment last week, and she has already gained 1 pound! She is now at 6.6 lbs... she is getting big on her mama! Her newborn clothes are still a little large, but that just means we will get to wear them longer, and some still do not fit, so we have something to look forward to still in the newborn section.

Hatley is becoming much more alert when she is awake... she is a great sleeper at night! She give Mommy and Daddy about 4 hours at night inbetween feedings and during the day about 3 hours... however, she does like to sleep through her feedings during the day, so we are working on awake time... She also LOVES water... no fussing or crying! The other day she actually slept through her bath!

Oh I am in love! Happy Birthday my Sweet Hatley! We love you!

Mommy and Daddy

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