Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A walk through history...

This past Sunday Mark and I were joined by some friends from church for a afternoon hike. It was also our last hike with our friend David. David spent 18 years on Saipan working at a Christain Broadcasting station. It was a great last hike with him. In a total of about 4 hours we hit up some hidden and beautiful historical points.

This was our hiking group at the very beginning: Dean, Me, Mark, David, Tammy, A new friend, Owen, John, Bev and Irene. On our way to an old Japanese hospital built into the caves...

Midway through the hike. You know are local when you climb into the back of a truck!

A true Tarzan... not a vine but an actual root to a tree. It was awesome!

Old Japanese writing etched into a rock near the hospital.

At an old Shinto Shrine hidden back into the jungle.

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