Sunday, September 14, 2008

Saturday... A Memorial

Saturday Morning, Mark and I met two friends from church Bev and Dean. After a beautiful morning with them snorkeling, Mark and I decided before we headed home he would show me Bonzai Cliff. Bonzai Cliff is another important point in WWII when the families thought the Americans were coming to eat them they decided to commit suicide by throwing themselves and families off the cliff... I couldn't imagine... This cliff is now a memorial to the lives that were lost. We also hit up the last command post. The last command post is literally the last place the island was under attack. Many old Japanese equipment have been found here and are now on display... 

Memorials at Bonzai Cliff. 
Memorial at the Last command Post
Mark in an old Japanese Tank, sad how they painted them. 
Mark and the big guns!
The last command Post. Up in the cliff was a shelter...
Hole into the shelter.
Another door into the shelter. 
They literally built this shelter into the back of a rock. 
Bonzai Cliff.
Mark at Bonzai... 
Bonzai, could you imagine throwing your family off of this cliff?

A shrine at Bonzai

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AngMomof3 said...

Oooh fun photos. And I LOVE the photo you chose for your header. Very cool. Nice work getting it put onto there! Sorry Skype isn't working...