Saturday, July 30, 2011

Swim Lessons...

Hatley and I have had such a fun time going to her swim lessons each Monday night! She has done such a good job! This last week we talked Daddy into doing the lesson with her. He wasn't too keen on it, because he didn't want to have to do all the silly singing in the circle thing; he even asked if we could show up late! Turd. However, we got there on time and Daddy sang with the rest of the class! =)

 Learning to jump/
 How can you not love this face!
 Amberly and Blaise Boone, friends from Palouse! Blaise is 7 months old!
 Daddy thouroghly enjoying the singing in the circle =)
 Hatley is a jumping fool!
 blurry picture but look at the smiles!
For some video take a look at the other posts!

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