Thursday, March 10, 2011

So Long Ol' Buddy

So two days ago I gave up Facebook. Why? The Lent season has begun, and I have never been one to really give anything up for it.. until this year. This year, I knew that I needed to give something up, I mean come on, look at all the Christ gave up for us... I wanted it to be something to had a hold on me... not soda, not coffee, but something good. I kept having this tug on my heart and knew that I knew exactly what God wanted me to give up... but I fought it and fought it... eventually the Big guy won =) So long Facebook.

So as I was thinking about this time that I would suddenly have free, I began to come up with a sweet list of what I would do during this time of freedom.. .

1. Read more Dr. Seuss and Peter Rabbit to my sweet Roo. 
2. Learn and play with Hatley.
3. Spend more cuddle time with the Hubby.
4. Cook up some new Delicous meals.
5. Blog.
6. Try and catch up as much as possible on Hatleys 1st year scrapbook. The BIG #1 is right around the corner.
7. Catch up on some reading, a giant pile of books next to the bed are waiting for me.
8. Give thanks to God for ALL he has done and ALL he has given for me and my family, that we have LIFE.

What are you giving up for Lent? Why?
If you aren't giving anything up, what WOULD you give up if you were?
What has such a tight hold on you that you can't fathom giving it up? I DARE YOU.

So far the last two days have been easy-peesy, I am guessing that within the week or so, I will miss the social aspect... but so far, I am kinda liking this new me =) 

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