Sunday, December 2, 2007

Thanksgiving - So many things to be thankful for...

Well November has come and gone so quickly... and so much has happened...
This year being our first "real" thanksgiving and with all the beautiful China we have from our wedding we decided to host thanksgiving here at our TINY little home in Kahlotus... There were 14 of us and it was absolutly wonderful to have most of the family here. Both Marks parents, betty and john, my parents, judy and garry, marks sisters and their families, angela, dwayne, sadie, allison, grant, suzanne and jake, and one of suz's friends from saipan, ashley joined us... there was lots of food and laughter to fill our home.

Mark and i also got into the car selling and buying mode, and have sold my 98 subaru outback and upgraded to a 2000 Volvo s40... i looooove it! God blessed us after searching around for a month or so in finding the exact car for the right price for us... pictures will come later after i clean it - snow attacked it!

Only 5 days to go and its party time!!!! I only have 5 more days of student teaching at connell high school to go and graduation is next saturday, december 8 @ 12:30pm in the U of I kibbie dome! After 5 and half long waited years it is almost done, and not just I but mark is releaved.... party is at the sawyer farm at 3:30pm if you would like to join us!

So with graduation coming up - job searching has begun. however, with it being in the middle of the year i will be substitute teaching for both Kahlotus and Connell for the spring semester... please be praying a job will open up for next fall - and possibly a place for both mark and i.

SNOW SNOW SNOW! After 3 year of living in Kahlotus, mark saw his first snow here... we recieved about an inch... but it dosent mean it lasted long - only one night and then it melted- but while it was here we played in it and got lots of pictures, even got in the christmas spirit, which i have been waiting for for months, and we decorated our house for our first christmas together as a married couple =). I cant believe we have been married for almost a year.... december 30! Nelson BC here we come!

Lots going on in the month of december, so keep a loook out for new postings....
Fill us in on whats going on with you... we would love to hear!
Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!


Julie Layne said...

Wow, you're kidding--we've had more snow than that here in Texas in the last YEAR! That's crazy!

Your house looks cute. Is that a real tree?

Love ya-

AngMomof3 said...

Thanksgiving was really fun... and now your place looks so cute for christmas!

We will get our tree on a day when we won't blow away in the wind or rain... patiently waiting...